Amazon Prime: A Loyalty Program with a Modern Twist

Loyalty programs have been a staple among retailers for decades, and they’ve stood the test of time even as shoppers have turned to the internet rather than brick-and-mortar locations.

Some loyalty programs offer the customer the chance to earn money back when they make successive purchases. Others provide special discounts that are unavailable otherwise. Amazon Prime has emerged as one of the more beneficial loyalty programs available today, offering so many perks it’s hard to categorize the service as a traditional loyalty setup.

Amazon has emerged as a leader in e-commerce, even pushing past big names like Craigslist and eBay from the top of the list of online shopping services. Prime offers buyers the chance to get their items faster and sometimes even get a better deal in the process.

But this isn’t all the service offers – it also provides discounts on even quicker shipping options, access to vast media libraries, and even online storage for certain files.

Prime represents Amazon’s commitment to functioning as a holistic service provider, offering customers a great selection of goods to buy online while still making them feel rewarded as if they were shopping with the familiar retailer down the street.

Why is Prime so Popular?

Amazon Prime

Prime takes advantage of a couple of the main concerns online shoppers have, effectively mitigating those concerns and helping the user reap rewards for continuously shopping with Amazon.

One of the main concerns people have when they shop online is spending too much money. No matter a person’s income bracket, it is easy to buy more when there are a seemingly infinite number of pages showing high-end products. Amazon’s Prime service costs $99 per year and allows people to get access to special promotional pricing on participating items.

The service also offers benefits in the other area where online shoppers often stress – the shipping process. Prime members get access to two-day shipping on participating items at no extra charge. For the person who wants their products fast and shops on Amazon often, this perk alone can be enough to make the deal worthwhile.

But getting Prime on an account doesn’t just give a person access to what they’d expect with an online shopping juggernaut. It provides convenient media streaming services that were previously only found with service providers like Netflix and Hulu, who dedicate their entire business model to these services.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Media streaming, like online shopping, has become more popular in the digital age because the technology surrounding it has improved. It is more feasible now to give users access to high-definition content via a yearly subscription service, and this is exactly what has been done with Prime.

Users have access to plenty of movies and TV shows which can be rented or purchased for discount prices. Prime has everything from full seasons of popular shows to the newest movies just after they’ve left theaters.

This type of packaged service provides added value to the person who may be trying to choose between a service like Prime and one like Netflix. With Prime, a person can get the best of both worlds. Not only does the service make it easier and more affordable for them to shop online, but it also helps them get access to plenty of entertaining content year-round.

While the video and TV streaming services are an added perk of Prime, they aren’t the only ones. Amazon has expanded their service to include additional benefits like file storage, and even shipping service that comes even faster than the standard upgrade offered with standard Prime memberships.

Cloud Photo Storage and Same-Day Shipping

Amazon’s vast reach throughout the media and shopping industries has allowed them to offer members some great benefits. But one that some people forget about is free cloud storage for photos.

While it may not have the versatility of OneCloud or Dropbox, Amazon’s photo storage service makes it easy for a person to preserve their precious moments and access them anywhere at any time. This could also help with shopping, as a buyer may take a photo of a product in a store then store it on Amazon. They can then use that for reference during their next online shopping session.

Amazon Prime Now is an added service that can provide same-day shipping on certain items. If getting it in two days still isn’t quick enough, this service can be very helpful. While many products on Amazon have an option for same-day shipping, this usually comes at a steep cost. Prime Now helps people get their items as soon as possible and helps them save money at the same time.

Prime shows just how versatile Amazon has become, and how they still have a solid understanding of good customer service.