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Are you considering enrolling with America First Credit Union? Eager to know essential details like the America First login and online banking procedures, transactional components, and branch locations?

Choosing a credit union to meet your financial needs is a process that requires careful thought and consideration. Whether your concern is obtaining a lower interest rate on loans and credit cards or boosting your savings account, there are many benefits to joining a credit union. Keep reading to learn all about America First Credit Union, their locations and branches, the America First login and online banking procedures, and more.

About America First Credit Union


Before delving into the elements of America First login, it is important to learn about the credit union itself and its company history. America First Credit Union is chartered federally and regulated by the National Credit Union Administration. It is among the top 6 largest credit unions in the country because of its extensive membership base.

America First Credit Union is number 10 among the largest credit unions in the country in terms of assets. They have about 939,000 members and a total asset worth of around $9.5 billion. America First has 130 branches, with Visa PLUS, CO-OP Network, and Access 24 ATM networks. The CO-OP Network of ATMs offers members free transactional access to about 30,000 ATMs spread across the nation.

When you go with America First Credit Union, you have picked an established institution. In fact, they federally insure your savings at a minimum of $250,000 under the jurisdiction of the faith and credit of the federal government.


America First Credit Union was first created in Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City, Utah in the year 1939. At its conception, it only had 59 members. In June 1947, the U.S. Army's financial office in Fort Douglas moved to the Utah General Distribution Depot in Ogden, Utah.

At that point, the credit union was transitioned over and renamed as the Federal Employees Credit Union. By 1960, the Naval Supply Depot was established in Clearfield, Utah. The credit union was then linked to 4 major military units, with the rest being Hill Air Force Base, the Utah General Depot, and Fort Douglas.

Credit unions chartered by Utah offered statewide services, so the credit union renamed itself America First Credit Union in 1984. America First started offering incentives to members.

In 1994, they introduced an initiative where members refinancing their residential mortgage for the first time could do so without paying fees. They also offered a reduced interest rate of a quarter-point for automatic payments made from an America First checking account. They even offered a reduction of a quarter point for mortgages under half of the appraisal value of the home.

However, in 1998, federal restrictions were enacted that limited some of America First's initiatives, particularly their business loan sector. In 2003, they became federally chartered to better serve their members and protect their membership base.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are interested in America First Login and becoming a member with America First Credit Union, you must meet some initial criteria. To become a member, you must do business, volunteer, go to school, work, live, or worship in one of the major counties in Utah or in Clark County, Nevada.

If you live within 12 miles of the city post office in Mesquite, Nevada you are also eligible to apply. Household members or immediate family of credit union members are eligible to join America First Credit Union. Company owners, suppliers, and employees in the state of Utah are eligible for membership as long they work in the food industry, a special employee division, or approved association.

​Location & Branches


America First is headquartered in Ogden, Utah. Their official address for informational queries is P.O. Box 9199, Ogden Utah, 84409. Their toll-free phone number is 1-800-999-3961.


America First has 130 branches spread across Utah and parts of Nevada. Some branches may be more limited in the services they provide than others, such as safety deposit boxes, mortgage origination, coin counters, investments, and insurance.

America First has branches from Clinton to Mesquite to Las Vegas, so you can easily find one in your preferred location.

Visit America First Credit Union to find the location closest to you.

​America First Login, Online Banking, & More

Login Process

America First Login is made for user ease and can be accomplished in a few simple steps. America First's login and online banking is secure and updated with the latest technology, so you can keep track of your assets without issue.

You can enroll in online banking by creating a password to ensure secure access. Your password is usable for various America First login features including QuickBooks, Quicken, Card Guard, and mobile banking. Passwords must be 8 to 32 characters long, including a numeral and a letter.

If you forget your password when completing the America First Login, you can reset it by hitting the Forgot My Password prompt. You must be able to answer the 3 security questions correctly to change your password. If you have issues, call the main number at 1-800-999-3961 and America First customer service representatives can assist you.

You are not able to use your PIN number to access online banking, mobile banking, QuickBooks, Quicken, and Card Guard, so keep your password written down in a safe place for easy access. You may use your PIN for transactions like debit purchases, ATM withdrawals, service calls, and telephone banking.

Online Banking Components

When conducting the America First login, there are some handy online banking components that make the process especially user friendly for members. America First offers ABC Deals, a program where you can receive cash rebates for many of your regular purchases.

Members considered eligible are automatically enrolled. When you do your America First login, the ABC deals will pop up in your online account. America First's online banking system also features online bill pay so you can make payments from any location you desire.

Another great aspect of America First login is you can look at your account statements from the past 2 years. You can also access loan applications to get the process started online.

Account Settings

When conducting your America First login, you can adjust your account settings as desired. It is possible to connect accounts so joint owners can access their full financials with a single login. You can even nickname your accounts if you wish.

If there are accounts you make transfers to more frequently than others, you can mark accounts as favorites. If you want to stay eco friendly and save on paper, you can opt for paperless statements and access everything online.

Personal Details

With your America First login, you can easily update personal details as needed. So, whether you need to change your email, phone, or address, you can do this in a few moments. You may also adjust your preferences so America First will send you updates and news.

Budgeting Tools

America First login makes budgeting better than ever, letting you add accounts other than America First's so you can see all your assets through online banking.

The system organizes your transactions, so you can keep an eye on your expenditures, form budgets, and track them effectively. This makes debt management fast and simple, allowing you to achieve financial stability with ease.

Security Features

America First login and online banking has excellent security features that let you control your password, select the site page you want as your default, and update your security questions and picture/phrase as needed. If you lose a card or it is stolen, you can report that with your America First login too.

Account Options

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There are plenty of account options available to you through your America First login. You can set up direct deposit, link all your financial accounts, and even customize your Visa debit and credit cards with an application called Picture Perfect.

You can create and buy personalized Visa gift cards through your account. You also have the option to open a dedicated savings account or certificate account. There are lots of alert options available to you after completing your America First login, which you can adjust or delete as you need to.

You have more selections for transfers than ever before, which means you can choose how often you want transfers made, and adjust the first and last dates to fit your budgetary needs.

You may view pending transfers through your America First Login. The system also lets you transfer funds to other individuals through PopMoney or transfer money to a different financial system altogether.

Tracking Transactions

It is easy to track transactions with your America First login as you can look at debit and credit card purchases still pending. You can access your histories by date, category, transaction type, or account.

Remote Business Deposits

Your America First login lets you do remote deposits when and where you need to. Once you set up a business account with America First, you can scan deposits from wherever you are and transmit money you have received securely.

This remote deposit feature has a minimal monthly fee, giving you unlimited access to your business accounts. It also puts no limits on the amount of checks you can deposit.


Setting up your America First login and starting your journey with America First Credit Union is a simple process. You have plenty of options to tailor your account to meet your budgetary needs, allowing you to keep on eye on your transactions with complete ease.

With an abundance of member incentives, exceptional online banking, and user friendly account linking, you will have no trouble keeping track of your assets in one place.

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