Build Your Own AR15 Shirt is a firearms resource online that also features forums for firearms enthusiasts to discuss various topics related to guns, ammunition, and self-defense. As part of their services, the website now offers their customers the chance to build their own custom designed AR15 T-shirt. Customers get to customize all aspects of their shirts.

At, you can easily mix and match different design options to come up with a unique AR15 shirt. The team at AR15 aims to add even more custom designs in the future so customers will have more choices. All shirts from AR15 are made from 100% cotton and pre-shrunk. You can get a custom shirt for just $17. You get to choose the colour and the front and back logo of the shirt. Sizes come in small, medium, large, until 5XL, though extra charges may apply for the biggest sizes.


The company was founded back in 1996 as an efficient mailing list catering to the needs of firearms enthusiasts. The website was in development for several years and then its founders created a customized software for the enjoyment of their users. With that software, they were able to improve and better handle the flow of information that they gave out to their clients. They also stored information more efficiently. Now, is a user-friendly and stable website and its biggest strength is that it has top-notch hardware, software, and network services for its clients. The website also offers an online shop which features firearms, components, and apparel.

How to Create a Custom Shirt with

To create your own shirt at, you will need an account.

  • Open browser and go to the first link below.
  • Click on the “build your own T-shirt” link on the main page.
  • A new page will load.
  • Select your choice of logo for the front and back of the shirt.
  • Select size and font logo.
  • Click “Purchase” when done.
  • Go to shopping cart and click on the “Checkout” button.
  • Follow the rest of instructions given for payment and delivery.
  • Payment can be done online or COD.
  • Make sure to double check the shipping details.

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