Use Ask Tool Bar for Online Searches

The Ask Toolbar offered by allows users to search the Internet for whatever it is they need. It can be installed directly into your browser of choice. With the Ask Toolbar in place, you can simply type in any questions you have and its algorithm will do the rest. The Ask Toolbar is free to download and use. The toolbar can be installed on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. The Ask Toolbar aims to deliver a more streamlined Internet experience since you can access different news in different fields with just one click.

About is a website that specializes in web search that focuses on answering questions. This search engine was founded in Berkeley, CA in 1995 and its founders were Garrett Gruener and David Warthen. Back then, it was known as “Ask Jeeves” and the idea was that it was to be a website where users can ask questions using both natural language and keyword searches. The current system still supports that original format as well as support for dictionary, math, and conversion queries. It was in 2005 when the company announced plans to do away with the Jeeves character. The UK sites, though, brought the character back in 2009. It was Gary Chevsky that implemented the software. The rest of the team then built Ask Jeeves around that software.

In 2010, the company faced massive competition from Google so they had to outsource the technology they used for web searches.  The company returned to its roots which was basically a website that focused on getting questions and finding answers. There have been some reports of malware getting mixed into the toolbar download but incidents are isolated.

How to Install the Toolbar

Before you install the toolbar, make sure you have either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser.

  • Open a browser by clicking on the first link below.
  • Look for the “Download Ask Toolbar” button and click.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions given.

You might have to close and reopen your browser to see the toolbar in place while some users may have to restart their computers in order for the toolbar to take effect.

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