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When choosing a financial institution, we are faced with many options. Among the top considerations when making this decision involve areas and locations served, convenience of local branches, online and mobile services, and of course quality and variety of financial products offered. It is clear from the moment you visit the Banco Popular login that you are experiencing superior customer care and quality service.

About Banco Popular

Banco Popular, under the parent company of Popular Inc., is based in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Though originating in Puerto Rico, Banco Popular also has branches and offices located throughout the Caribbean via the US Virgin Islands and Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Banco Popular has also expanded substantially throughout the US and can be found primarily in major hubs in California, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. Banco Popular's rich and extensive history points to its current reach and scope as it continues to be a popular bank of choice.


Banco Popular was founded in 1893 while Puerto Rico was still under Spanish rule. Soon after the island became a territory of the United States, the bank began lending in the form of personal loans without collateral as a way to encourage growth among the island's native population. Throughout the 1930s, the bank engaged in commercial credit and granted FHA loans.

For the following 40 years and until the 1970s, Banco Popular engaged in a series of acquisitions resulting in the bank growing to become the largest on the island. The 1990s ushered in perhaps the greatest expansionist era for the financial institution.

It was during this period that the bank began to engage in an expansion of financial services, the most notable of which include Popular Auto, Popular Finance, Popular Mortgage, Popular Insurance, Popular Leasing and Popular Securities. These services still remain some of the most prevalent features the bank offers today. In addition to service expansion, the bank grew to include offices in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica and had acquired a substantial real estate portfolio reaching out to a wide variety of customers and locations.

Following this period and moving into the millennium, Banco Popular continued its growth curve and expansion of services. This was primarily done in its broadening of locations across the United States. This expansion continued particularly in the Chicago, Southern California, Florida, New York and New Jersey areas.

Most notably, however, was the bank's online initiative in 2000. Customers were then able to visit the Banco Popular login or apply for their desired service via the web. By the mid 2000s, Banco Popular had acquired Quaker City Bank, making California it largest region. By this time, Banco Popular was ranked the 691st largest company in the United States by Forbes Magazine.

​It is noteworthy to point out that even through the Great Recession of 2008, Banco Popular not only survived, but persevered and went forward to acquire several competitors which had either failed or were deemed insolvent. In 2018, Banco Popular (Popular Community Bank officially) had changed its name to Popular Bank (legally) and often goes by Popular commercially. Regardless, Banco Popular remains a solid banking entity throughout North America and the Caribbean Islands.

Current Standing

Banco Popular has been an FDIC-insured bank since 1999. Its current equity stands at $1.66 billion in a combined $9.17 billion in assets according to its regulatory findings which were filed in December 2017. Serving millions of customers across North America and the Caribbean, the bank maintains a workforce of 684 full-time employees throughout 53 offices. It is reported that customers in the US have approximately $6.69 billion of combined deposits.

According to, Banco Popular ranks above average on it safe and sound rating. This rating takes into account the bank's Capital Score, Asset Quality Score, and its Earnings Score. These combined estimates calculate Banco Popular as above average for safety and soundness compared to its contemporaries. Rest assured: when you visit the Banco Popular login or apply for any of the products and services offered, you are dealing with a highly rated, respected, and secure institution.

Locations, Branches, & More

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In addition to a bank's status relative to its peers and its overall solvency and good standing, it is also vital to consider its accessibility and ease of use for its patrons along with its affiliated enterprises. In addition to the convenience of the Banco Popular login for all of your online banking needs, Banco Popular is conveniently located throughout North America and the Caribbean should the need to visit in person arise.


Though headquartered and located in Puerto Rico, Banco Popular can be found throughout the US mainland with a particular concentration of branches and services concentrated in densely populated and convenient hubs throughout the states of Illinois, New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida.

These locations serve not only the greater Puerto Rican population which inhabits these city centers, but the bank has expanded to serve the surrounding communities. It was through the convenience of these locations that Banco Popular has expanded its reach. Also, along with Banco Popular's convenient  login via the web, it now reaches more customers than ever. Whether local or originating from the island, convenience is never far away.


Aside from the numerous branches across multiple states throughout the United States mainland as mentioned above, Banco Popular maintains a heavy presence throughout Puerto Rico with over 170 branches and over 600 ATM's conveniently distributed throughout the island. Additionally, the bank operates over 8 branches throughout the United States Virgin Islands and one branch in Tortola, British Virgin Islands for those requiring services throughout the greater Caribbean region.

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As of 2018, Banco Popular is the parent company of 19 subsidiaries. The following is a list of these subsidiaries and as a whole demonstrate Banco Popular's breadth and depth as a financial institution. Given the diversity of this financial institution's reach, it becomes clear why Banco Popular has remained a leader in the banking industry. To learn more about these subsidiaries, visit the Banco Popular login page.

  • ​E-Loan
  • Popular Securities Inc
  • Popular North America Inc
  • Popular International Bank Inc
  • Popular Life RE
  • Popular Insurance, Inc
  • Popular Capital Trust II
  • Metropolitana de Prestamos Inc
  • Popular Risk Services Inc.
  • ​Popular North America Capital Trust II
  • Popular North America Capital Trust III
  • Popular Capital Trust III
  • Popular Capital Trust IV
  • Puerto Rico Parking Corporation
  • Puerto Rico Popular Risk Services
  • Popular Capital Trust Inc.Banco
  • Popular de Puerto RicoPuerto Rico
  • Popular Life RE

Banco Popular Login & Financial Products

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The Banco Popular login page is simple to navigate and has all the information you need at your fingertips. Whether you are looking to do your banking as an individual or have commercial interests, all of the information you require is available and easily accessed. In addition to logging on to Banco Popular, you also have the option to perform Mobile Banking (also known as Movil). You can login to your Banco Popular account via your smartphone and check your balance, transfer funds, perform deposits and account to account (or person to person) money transfers, and more. Visit to learn more.

Financial Products

At the Banco Popular login page, you will have access to information about and how to apply for the most popular financial products the bank has to offer. In addition to a proven track record of success, a strong standing amongst the competition, and customer convenience, it is essential for a financial institution to offer not only quality products, but products that are most needed and desired by its clientele. Banco Popular does not fall short in this venue. The following is a brief list of Banco Popular's most sought after financial products.

  • ​Credit Cards–Personal and corporate
  • Lines of Credit–Personal Loans, Lines of Equity
  • Mortgage Loans–Single or investment property
  • Personal Loans–Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Auto and Boat Loans–Transportation and Luxury
  • Auto Lease–Varying terms tailored to your needs
  • Equipment Lease–Whether personal or commercial use

​And finally, it should be noted, Banco Popular carries a wide variety of investment and insurance products for their clients with their future security in mind. These products specifically include, but are not limited to, a suite of life insurance options, retirement plan options to help you meet your financial retirement goals, and educational planning in order to ensure your heirs have the educational opportunities you wish to provide. As you can clearly see, when it comes to customer needs, Banco Popular has you covered in terms of your present needs as well as your future wishes and desires.


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With a solid history of growth, experience, excellent customer service, responsible investment, and a strong commitment to its patrons and local communities, it becomes self-evident as to why Banco Popular has not only stood the test of time as a financial institution, but has thrived. Visit Banco Popular login or apply for one of the many financial products offered. Undoubtedly, you will be sure to address all of your banking needs, whatever they may be.