Find Your Plan from Experts

To make sure that you don’t take up the wrong fitness plan or unintentionally abuse your body, partnering up with a fitness expert is highly encouraged. is a website that you can use to create the fitness plan that is fit for your body. Whatever your end goal is, can provide you with a fitness plan to help you attain it. These plans are designed by fitness trainers, industry experts, and professional athletes. The fitness plan will include video instructions, information about your program’s exercises and diet plans, everyday workouts, and guidelines about the supplements. Your fitness plan can also be accessed through your smart phone or tablet.


Founded in 1999 in Boise, Idaho by Ryan R. DeLuca, is an online retailer of sports and nutritional supplements. After a couple of acquisitions throughout the years, is now a part of Liberty Media Corporation. The company has headquarters in Idaho and has warehouses in four other US states – Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and Nevada. It employs over 650 workers, runs the website, and markets the Platinum series, which is a line of sports supplements.

How to Find Your Plan from Experts

Here’s how you can find the perfect fitness plan for you:

  • Go to homepage by clicking on the first link below.
  • Click the “Find a Plan” button. It will direct you to the page where you’ll find the Fitness Plan Wizard.
  • Choose your gender. Click the correct button.
  • Select your “What is Your Main Goal” answer. The three goal choices are Transform, Lose Fat, and Build Muscle. Click the button that matches your goal.
  • Choose your “What is Your Fitness Level” answer. The level includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • will then provide you with one “Your Recommended Plan” and a number of “More Recommended Plans.”
  • Review your “Your Recommended Plans” choice. Check and see if you think it’s the best course for you. If you’re undecided or if you want to review first the other options, go back and click the links for the “More Recommended Plans.”
  • Once you have chosen a plan, click the button “Start Plan.”

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