Caresource Login and Registration: Complete Guide

CareSource is a nonprofit healthcare organization based in Ohio. Founded as Dayton Area Health Plan in 1989, the company strives to provide health care services for low-income citizens. CareSource provides an online portal that enables users to change doctors, request ID cards, view claims, find out information about services and health care plans, and much more. Current members simply sign up for a CareSource login name and register their account. This service is only available for CareSource and Humane-CareSource members.

CareSource focuses on individuals who are in the lower income brackets and those eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Founded in Dayton, Ohio, the organization was launched thanks to a $500,000 state grant for under-served populations. CareSource provides online services for members through the CareSource login.

Currently, CareSource serves members in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, and West Virginia. Satellite offices are based in Atlanta, Georgia; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Louisville, Kentucky. CareSource headquarters remains in Dayton, Ohio and employs over 4,000 people. In 2017, the company posted a revenue of $8.8 billion.

Growth & Expansion

CareSource, formerly Dayton Area Health Plan (DAHP), was incorporated by three hospital executive officers. The purpose was to address the increasing issues low-income citizens faced when seeking health care services and coverage. Between 1987 and 1989, the company focused on raising funds, securing an HMO license, and filing federal paperwork and waivers. In 1989, DAHP became the first mandatory Medicaid-managed care program.

The program expanded into Columbus, Ohio in 1996 by purchasing United Healthcare's MedPlan and thus became the largest Medicaid HMO in Ohio. DAHP purchased Butler Health Plan in Butler County, Ohio and gained 6,000 more members. In 2000, DAHP merged all names together to create CareSource. By 2003, CareSource members exceeded 320,000 people

CareSource was ranked the sixth-largest Medicaid plan in the United States in 2004; they would rise to third-largest in 2010. In 2006, the company established their CareSource Foundation nonprofit. The Foundation focuses on awarding grants to other nonprofit organizations that serve low-income citizens. In 2007, CareSource became the only Medicaid Managed Care provider offering services to all Ohio counties.


CareSource teamed up with Quality Care Partners (QCP) in Southeastern Ohio in 2010. QCP is a physician-hospital organization that expanded CareSource's provider network for its members to offer better benefits and more doctors. In 2010, CareSource joined with Humana, a health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. This partnership served dual-eligible populations in Ohio; in other words, individuals who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid.

In 2010, CareSource expanded its coverage to Kentucky Medicaid alongside Humana and released the Humana-CareSource plan. Due to this partnership, CareSource was serving over 1 million customers by 2014 in Ohio and Kentucky.

In 2016, CareSource expanded to West Virginia and won a contract to serve Medicaid individuals in Indiana and Georgia. Despite its rapid expansion, CareSource prides itself on maintaining its careful focus on members and their health. The company launched a new initiative in 2014 called CareSource Life Services which provides a variety of resources for members.

Programs & Services

CareSource provides many programs and services depending on state or commonwealth of residency. The available programs are broken down according to state and eligibility. All members are eligible to create accounts online with their CareSource login. All states cooperate with the Caregiver Resources, which simplifies the ability of caregivers to coordinate with CareSource to manage and coordinate care for their loved one.

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CareSource Foundation

The CareSource Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations in the state of Ohio who are working to eliminate poverty and provide services to under-served populations.

Organizations seeking grants should also encourage healthy and safe communities and work on developing approaches to address health issues and enhance the lives of all children, adults, and families.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Foundation has awarded 1,200 grants. By 2016, the foundation had invested over $2.8 million in nonprofits.

How to Access the CareSource Login

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My CareSource login provides all the member services, including choosing and changing doctors, updating contact information, accessing ID cards for medical visits, plan specifications, and more.

CareSource members can access their account portal by visiting or by following the link from

Creating a CareSource Login

CareSource Contact Information

CareSource Login Benefits


CareSource is accredited by NCQA, a private non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving health care quality. CareSource is Health Plan Accredited for Ohio and Indiana Medicaid and Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia Marketplace plans. Each plan has its own specific tiered rate system; all costs are based on eligibility and state guidelines.


In 2014, CareSource celebrated 25 years as one of the largest medical care plan providers in the United States and the largest in Ohio. It is the second largest company in Dayton, Ohio. CareSource has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with only 192 complaints on file. This is a strong display of customer-centric practices since it is such a large company spanning several states. The CareSource login and online member services provide important resources for all plan members.