Customize Your CenturyLink.Net Homepage

Personalizing your homepage is a good way to de-clutter your online space. When you customize your homepage you’re able to focus on the things that interest you and disregard news and items that don’t catch your fancy. This is an effective way of maximizing the page and curating the news and features you’d receive to suit your needs and virtual life. Apart from bringing news from around the globe and providing online products and services, CenturyLink offers this customizing option to its customers and provides easy-to-follow steps on how to do it.

About CenturyLink


Founded in 1968 and formerly called as Central Telephone and Electronics, Inc., Century Telephone Enterprises, Inc., and Century Tel, Inc., CenturyLink is a US transnational company that focuses majorly on communications. The company’s main service is offering data and communications products and services to governmental and business clients, as well as residential and wholesale customers. When it comes to lines served, it ranks third as the largest telecom company in the US (just behind Verizon and AT&T). CenturyLink is also a member of S&P 500 index, and delivers long distance service.

Headquarters based in Monroe, Louisiana, CenturyLink delivers six main services: fixed-line telephony, fibre-optic broadband, fixed-line internet services, digital television, network, and internet hosting services. As of 2012, CenturyLink has over 47,000 workers and has a declared a revenue of $18.376 billion. Its subsidiaries are CenturyTel companies, Embarq, Qwest, and Savvis.


How to Customize Your Homepage

Follow these steps to customize your homepage:

  • Go to CenturyLink’s main homepage using the link below.
  • You’d find two “Customize Your Page” links in CenturyLink’s homepage. One is at the upper right side of the page, the other one at the bottom part of the page under the My Account cluster. Both links will redirect you to a secured page. Click any of the two links (although more often not, customers see the upper link first because it’s enclosed in a yellow button).
  • The directed link is the login page. If you already have a CenturyLink account, you simply have to key in your login information. And then, click “Log-In.” If you’re a new user, you’re required to create an account first. You can do this by clicking the “Create Account” green button.
  • Once you’re logged-in, choose the contents that you’d want to appear in your homepage using the dropdown menu. You have the option to categorize your content (Business, Entertainment, etc.). To make multiple columns, just click the arrow next to the “Add” button.

Same process is to be followed if you want to move a component to a new location on your homepage.

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