Make an Online Payment with a Comcast ID

The Comcast online service does not only allow users to pay bills online, it also lets members manage Comcast alerts, schedule automatic payments, and troubleshoot service issues. Aside from these, parents can customize the shows their children can watch online through the parental control function in the dashboard. Members also get to watch TV through the Internet using their Comcast online service account. Plus, the service allows for paperless billing, which is excellent for those who value environment-friendly services. All other general account management tasks can be done through the Comcast online service.

The Comcast online service is available to all Xfinity customers, as long as they have their Comcast personal ID.

About Comcast

Comcast operates two major businesses, which are Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal. Comcast Cable is known for its Xfinity  brand – an entertainment and communication company providing Internet, television, and phone services to residential and business customers. NBCUniversal, on the other hand, runs sports and entertainment cable networks, television station groups, and Universal Pictures.

Comcast was established by Ralph Roberts in 1963. Roberts purchased the American Cable Systems – a single cable system in Tupelo, MS with 1,200 subscribers. Julian Brodsky and Dan Aaron soon joined in and became Roberts’ first business partners.

These days, Comcast is one of the biggest companies in the entertainment and telecommunications industry. It is now headed by Brian L. Roberts as the chairman and CEO, along with Ralph J. Roberts, who is the founder and chairman emeritus.

In 2011, Comcast launched their Internet Essentials service, which provides low-income families with affordable Internet connection. Internet Essentials has, since then, provided 300,000 eligible families with reliable Internet service.

Comcast consistently gives back to the community through the Comcast Foundation and the NBCUniversal Foundation.

How to Pay Bills Online Using the Comcast ID

You need to have your Comcast account number printed on your receipt to avail of this service.

  • Access the Comcast payment page on the first link below.
  • Click “Create a Username.”
  • Provide your Comcast account number, which is also your Comcast ID. You also have to provide either your street number or phone number, along with your SSN.
  • Click “Next.”
  • You will then have to create your username and password.
  • Finish the process as instructed by the website.
  • Login to your account, and then pay your bill.

Helpful Information

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