Connect a Leapfrog Toy with PC for More Apps and Features

If your child has a Leapfrog device, they can fully maximize its use by using Leapfrog Connect to download more activities.

About Leapfrog

Leapfrog designs, develops, and markets technology-based educational products meant for children. Based in Emeryville, California, it was founded in 1995 by Robert Lally and Michael Wood.

The first product Leapfro ever made was the Phonics Desk. During the late 80’s, Michael Wood was trying to figure out how to teach his son how to read more effectively. He realized that there were no educational toys that focused on phonics. Though he was working as one of the partner attorneys at Cooley LLC, he started doing research about phonics. He was able to make a prototype for Phonics Desk in 1994, and showed it to an expert that focused on children’s reading development, Robert Calfee.

image via: Target

Once he received feedback, he started working on improving the prototype and started manufacturing it in 1995. He then resigned from Cooley LLC and founded Leapfrog Enterprises. Toys “R” Us became the first retailer to have the Phonics Desk on their shelves, with Target and FAO Schwarz following suit.

Today, Leapfrog has a vast collection of products that focus on educational gaming, reading solutions, and grade school learning toys. They also have smartphone applications and animated DVD’s.

How to Connect a Leapfrog Toy to Your PC for More Apps and Features

Your child can make the most out of their Leapfrog learning experience by using Leapfrog Connect to manage your child’s device and its content. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Leapfrog Connect support page by following the link provided below.
  • Find your child’s device from the ones shown on the page. Once you find it, click on the button below it that says “Download”.
  • Follow the download instructions.
  • Connect your device to your computer using a USB connector.
  • Open Leapfrog Connect once it has been completely downloaded.
  • Create a parent account and register your device.
  • Using the application on your computer, download all the content that you need and personalize the settings on your device.
  • Once you have everything setup, detach your device from the computer and your child can start playing with the apps that you have just downloaded.

Helpful Information

Leapfrog Connect Support Page –

Leapfrog Website –

Leapfrog Customer Support Page –

Leapfrog Customer Support Hotline (North America) – 1-800-701-5327

Leapfrog Customer Support Hotline (UK and Ireland) – 01702 200 244