Connecticare Login And Registration: Understanding The Service

Understanding health insurance just got easier. Words like "deductibles," "premiums," and even "copays" can be confusing, keeping policyholders from truly understanding their benefits and sometimes preventing them from seeking necessary care. Believe it or not, insurance companies want you to have the answers, and some are putting it right at your fingertips. That's why we recommend registering for and using the ConnectiCare login to gain fast, easy access to your health insurance account, tools and resources, and it’s all in one place.

No more headaches, no more waiting, and no more endless searching. Sure, not long ago, a call to your insurance company would guarantee extended hold times and conversations filled with jargon that was as helpful as an unfamiliar foreign language. Say goodbye to those days because the streamlined online management tool available through ConnectiCare now allows you to stay connected and informed on claim status, coverage and benefits, even network providers, from anywhere including your living room sofa. However, few people know what it is and how it can help them.

You may not realize that ConnectiCare was founded by a group of doctors back in the early 1980s with the specific goal of doing more for their insured because they lived and worked in the same communities as their members. Thankfully, it still holds true today. So, if you're a part of Connecticut's largest health insurer, this information is for you. That's why, if you keep reading, we will walk you through the process of setting up your ConnectiCare login and share the benefits of its use.

What Are the Benefits of Registering on ConnectiCare?

The benefits of utilizing ConnectiCare's online registration are so varied that we can only touch on a few. In fact, by using it, you may discover policy benefits of which you were not aware.


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Did you know that ConnectiCare members can:

  • Visit any hospital in Connecticut
  • Get free preventive care
  • Get urgent and emergency care wherever you travel

Those are just a sampling of what you gain as a member of ConnectiCare, but by establishing a ConnectiCare login, there's much more. To give you an idea of what you stand to gain, we've enumerated the top 10 benefits of registering on Connecticare:

  1. ​​​Instantly order ID cards and replacements
  2. Gain 24/7 access to your health information
  3. At a glance, check your health care spending
  4. Straightforward tool to find what's covered by your plan
  5. Estimate the cost of a test or treatment before entering the clinic
  6. Safe and simple way to pay your premium
  7. Checking your claim payment status in a snap
  8. Effortlessly set your preferences to "paperless"
  9. Free -need we say more?
  10. Saves time

Clearly, when you use your Connecticare login to access the Member Center, it will open doors to an endless source of features. You might expect to have the options of ordering ID cards, locating and changing physicians, even viewing claims submitted by your physicians, but did you know that you can also use this online tool to set and track your individual health goals. Wow! This step towards preventative health care and management is just one of several other forward-thinking perks that you can access by using your ConnectiCare login information.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and these benefits are undeniable.

Is There a Need to Register on ConnectiCare?

​​​​Gone are the days of long phone queues and paper forms to access health care information. An increasing number of industries, both large and small, have embraced the simplicity of online registration services, which adds value for both them and their members. Member Centers, such as the one that can be accessed by using your ConnectiCare login data, eliminates unnecessary paperwork, improves efficiencies, and allows 24/7 access to members, making it available when it is most convenient for you from any Internet-enabled device.

The only way you can take full advantage of what the site has to offer is to register online. You can do it at your own pace, but trust us when we say you will agree that the minimal time it takes to go to the ConnectiCare login to get set up will cut the hassle out of managing your health and insurance matters later.

Get Answers

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Do you have questions about your plan?

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Need help finding a doctor?

ConnectiCare can help with that.

Find a Doctor

Need to talk to a doctor in a hurry? MDLIVE telemedicine comes with most ConnectiCare plans. You can speak to a board-certified doctor by phone or video chat, whichever works best for you. Plus, it's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Access Member Discounts

You'll even have the chance to benefit from health care discounts. Discounts for ConnectiCare members such as LifeMart offer real savings on real-life needs, from major purchases like cars and vacations to day-to-day essentials like groceries and clothing. Just register or access your ConnectiCare login today to start saving.

Access to Preventative Care and Healthy Alternatives

If you appreciate the value of preventative healthcare and holistic and healthy alternatives, ConnectiCare has you covered. ConnectiCare members can get discounts on services like acupuncture, nutrition counseling, gym memberships, massage therapy, and more. Register with WholeHealth Living, then search for services near you. If you already have a WholeHealth Living account, log in.

With the touch of a button and a completed ConnectiCare registration, your health is literally in your hands.

In fact, as of November 5, 2017, all members are required to register to access the Member Center even if you had previously registered.

If you still have questions, don't worry. We've included a few common registration questions to should help you through this process.


What if I don't have my ID?

Where can I find my member number? 

What will I see after I register and login?

Is the website secure?

Do my dependents need to register?

ConnectiCare Login and Registration Information

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The registration process is simple. Once registered, you'll gain access to this quick reference within minutes, whenever you need it. If you're sitting in front of a computer screen or smartphone, you can get started now by following the instructions below. Just access the website, and you'll be ready to roll.

Before you begin, we recommend that you have your member ID card available. That's because you must enter your personal data plus specific information directly from your card.

There are four simple steps to the registration process. All you need to do is type and read according to the automatic prompt.

Enter Your Personal Data

The first step consists of inputting your personal data, which includes your standard contact info, birthdate and member ID.

Create a Secure Login

Next, you will create a ConnectiCare login that you can easily remember because this is the information you will use to access your account in the future.

Review Terms and Conditions

Please review the terms and conditions thoroughly. The security of your information is typically a top concern, so ConnectiCare spends quite a bit of time explaining how your information will be used and protected, in addition to going in depth on other terms of use and conditions.

Complete Registration

The final step requires verifications so that they know it is really you who has registered for online access.


Without a doubt, the introduction of online management systems has impacted many fields, including health care, by combining computing and communication features into a single device. It has transformed the way we do business. So, why would health care be any different?

Clearly, these centralized data management systems streamline processes so that you can identify network health care providers to ensure you save money, find the prescription medications you need for the best price, and, when needed, message customer care associates with questions. Using it is child's play, but the capabilities and benefits are immeasurable. You can't put a price on your time, especially when your health is involved.

Go to ConnectiCare login and see for yourself. Getting started couldn't be easier.