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Optimum Wellness, formerly known as Bresnan Communications, is known for its online customer support system and portal use. Optimum Wellness (Bresnan Communications) encourages its users to utilize Bresnan’s homepage as the users’ automatic homepage. With the use of Bresnan’s homepage, each user can easily access Bresnan’s email, personalized TV and movie listings, popular searches, and news around the world. An account with Bresnan also provides users the chance to customize their own homepage, contact customer support 24/7, manage accounts to access premium content, and—probably the most popular feature of the Bresnan account—pay Bresnan bills online.


About Bresnan Communications


Founded in 1984 by William Bresnan, Bresnan Communications was a US cable TV provider that initially operated Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s cable system. Over the years, its operations spread into other US states (Minnesota, Georgia, Mississippi, and Wisconsin) and in other countries (Chile and Poland) when Bresnan International Partners was created. In 1998, Charter Communications bought Bresnan’s US cable system for $3.1 billion. In 2002, the company entered the cable TV industry once again when it bought former AT&T Broadband Rocky Mountain system for $735 million. With the purchase, Bresnan garnered over 300,000 new subscribers from other US states (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana).

In June 2010, Bresnan Communications was rebranded as Optimum West.  Cablevision made the acquisition for $1.37 billion.

How to Contact Customer Support at Bresnan Communications


Even with the rebranding and acquisitions, Bresnan’s customer support has been always reliable. Contacting Bresnan’s customer support is clear-cut and hassle-free.

  • Go to Bresnan’s homepage (see related link below).
  • At the right upper side of the homepage, you’ll see the link to “Customer Support.” Click it.
  • The link will redirect you to the Support homepage. From there, look for the “Send an Email to Support” link. It’s at the lower part of the page, under the Contact Us cluster. Click the link.
  • The link will, again, redirect you to another page. This one is for the Support for Home FAQs. Look for the “Create a New Account” button, and then, click it. Another page will come up and you’re to enter an email address, username, password, and your full name to create an account. You also need to verify you password by typing it again and provide two alternate emails. Click “Create Account” afterwards.

And you’re done! Bresnan will give you additional instructions on how to activate your account. Once the account is activated, you can have easy access to Bresnan’s customer support 24/7.

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*Note that the main portal is .net.