Search And Bid For Cars At Copart

Copart allows its customers to search for cars and buy them online. The website has thousands of vehicle auctions that customers can join using their computer or tablet. Customers can either search for a specific car or vehicle model using the search tool or use their quick picks to look for random vehicles that are listed on site.

The bidding eligibility of each person varies according to the state and available permits. Customers can email their licenses and other pertinent information to the Copart’s customer service to increase their bidding eligibility. There is also a buying overview matrix that potential buyers have to view before bidding. The guideline lists the type of items members from different states are able to purchase.

About Copart

Copart has a patented two-stage Internet sales technology allowing it to sell more than a million vehicles annually. Their technology is called VB2 – a selling system that starts with a preliminary bidding and ends with a virtual sale. Potential buyers are allowed to bid up to an hour until the scheduled Internet-only sale.

For those who cannot stay glued to their computer to bid, Copart has the Bid4U system which allows members to provide a maximum amount they can pay for the vehicle and leave the system to incrementally bid on its own. Users who are outbid then receive an email notification on the status of their bid.

More than 50,000 vehicles are posted daily on Copart. These vehicles come from various consignors, such as car dealers, banks, finance companies, car rental companies, and insurance companies. With more than 140 facilities all over Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Copart connects a wide network of car sellers and buyers.

Copart has been listed in Forbes’ “200 Best Small Companies” for 9 years in a row. It was also featured as “The World’s Best Remarketing Company” in the TV show World’s Best.

How to Purchase a Vehicle on Copart

You need to have an active email address before bidding on Copart.

  • Access the Copart bidding website using the link listed below.
  • Search for the specific car model you wish to bid on.
  • Alternatively, browse the quick picks to view available vehicles.
  • When you see a vehicle you like, click “Bid.”
  • Enter your maximum bid, and then click “Bid Now.”
  • You will be taken to the membership sign up page, where you need to provide information about yourself.
  • Provide all the necessary details, and then click “Submit.”
  • Finish the bidding process as instructed by the website.

Helpful Information

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