Use DellConnect to Troubleshoot Computer Issues

DellConnect is a service that makes it possible for Dell’s technical support representatives to access a customer’s computer for troubleshooting purposes. Through this remote access tool, the representative will be able to access all files on the computer, as well as make certain changes as needed to complete the troubleshooting process.

Customers have to contact a Dell technician before remote access can be done on their machine. The process is initiated through a code provided by the representative. The customer has to input this code on the Dell Connect website to start the screen sharing session.

About Dell

Dell started in 1984 when Michael Dell founded PC’s Limited at the age of 19. He started with only a thousand dollars and a game-changing vision on the way technology should be. A year after, the first Dell computer was born – the Turbo PC. In 1987, Dell launched a 12MHz, 286-based system, which was the fastest machine during its time.

Now, Dell has become one of the biggest companies in the computer and technology industry. It is still headed by Michael Dell as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. It has already acquired various companies, such as StatSoft Inc., Enstratius, and Credant Technologies. The company continues to grow over the years in providing innovative technology solutions to both businesses and individuals.

How to Use DellConnect to Troubleshoot Computer Issues

You need a high-speed Internet connection to use remote access effectively. Also, your Dell machine must still be under warranty with the Service Tag still available.

  • Access the Dell Customer Support on the first link below to contact a technician.
  • Once given the go signal to use remote access, visit the second link, which is the DellConnect Page.
  • Review the terms and conditions to understand better how the process works, and how to protect your privacy. Click “I Agree.”
  • Input the code provided by the technician, and then click “Go.”
  • You will be asked to download a small applet to your computer.
  • Simply click “Run” for the prompt.
  • Begin troubleshooting with your technician. Monitor the activity on your computer to ensure the safety of your personal files and information.

Helpful Information

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Dell Tech Support Page –