How Helps Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Browsing the internet is a fun and entertaining experience. However, while you spend time online, you come across dozens of websites that ask you for contact details or personal information. Some of those can be helpful sites you use a lot, but they can also be one-time events or long-forgotten areas.

Either way, no matter where you put your information, it is going to stay there, for a long, long time. The internet is all about storage, and whatever you put on it stays there forever. In fact, even if you delete your account, there is still a digital footprint of it somewhere. To help with that, there is; a simple web application that easily and efficiently deletes any internet presence you do not want to have.

The Pros of Using

Many people use both Gmail and Outlook to sign up with a range of new applications and websites. Though they can be important in the moment, most of those are never used again. is a tool that helps you organize and remember those instances so you can choose what you want to keep and what you get rid of. And all it takes is a few clicks.

While there are several ways to use, but one of the easiest is with Gmail. Almost all online services require an email account of some sort. If you use Gmail when signing up online, can easily go through your email to look at anything you registered for. From there, it then gives you different ways to any accounts that scream “delete me.”

Some people may not be comfortable with a third-party app reading through their emails, but is all about security. It uses Google OAuth to sign into Gmail and then runs the app on your computer. That means all of the information or personal data analyzed by the program is not uploaded to the cloud. Rather, it stays local. The OAuth protocol also makes sure that .me does not have any access to login information.

How to Get the Most Out of Deseat

Deseat.meWhen using, all you need to do is sign into your Gmail and let it run its course. That will likely take a few minutes. After that, you will be presented with a list of all accounts that you have used your email address for. That organization is one of the things that makes so easy to use.

Once the list is gathered, the tool will give you the option to sort it in any way that you want. Go through all of the different accounts and figure out which you want to keep and which ones you want to get rid of. This works for almost every website. It does not matter if you want to delete an old account, one you barely use, or erase your social media file, does it all.

If you find accounts that you use or want to keep, you simply leave them alone. However, when you see something you don’t want to be signed up for, simply click “add to delete queue.” Then, you can follow the instructions on how to get rid of that account for good.

Accounts are going to work differently depending on what they are from. For some, you will be able to click the “delete” button to immediately shut it down. However, some websites will require you to go to the main site to close them for good. Some of the accounts on the list will be common sites you see all the time, but chances are there are also going to be a good number of accounts you don’t remember making.

One more important function of is that you can save accounts if you so desire. In that way, you can easily keep track of everything you’ve signed up for. Not only does that help you stay organized, but it also gives you a way to go back and delete things later. Keeping everything in one place is always a good idea.

Only Keep Your Useful Accounts

Deleting internet history is not something many people do or think about when perusing the infinite reaches of the world wide web. However, it helps to make sure that your information is not out there in places you don’t want it. keeps your presence clean and all in one place.

Though some people may not be familiar with a .me, there are many reviews that prove it is a great tool that comes with a ton of reliability. It won’t be able to shut down every single site, but there is no better way to easily manage or keep track of everything you’ve signed up for during your years on the internet.