What Are the Benefits of an Ebates Account?

Everyone likes the thought of getting a good deal when they shop, and this usually comes in the form of finding a good deal on a popular product or service.

But there are many other ways a person can make money when they work with shopping portals and retailers. One company that has showcased this to perfection is Ebates, an innovative service that helps people save money and earn money back in creative ways.

Through their network of participating retailers, the company has emerged as one of the top (if not the top) cashback websites in existence. While some people think these types of deals may require complex agreements and procedures in order to work, any good Ebates review usually involves people commending the company for the convenience they offer.

A simple setup allows people to shop online as they normally would, with the only key difference being that they start their journey through Ebates’s site. Those companies that participate with them then pay the company back, and the company can pass these earnings onto their own customers.

Give there are no complicated forms or cumbersome point systems as there are with many cashback sites, its easy to see why the system’s popularity has stayed strong.

Understanding the System: How Does Ebates Work? 

Ebates account cashback websiteThe key to understanding Ebates’s system lies in understanding how affiliate links work. Affiliate programs let companies partner with popular influencers for big collaborative opportunities. This can help a company get more traffic to their site – and reward the affiliate in the process.

When a person uses their Ebates login, they immediately have access to multiple companies’ websites via the main site portal. This means a person can proceed with their shopping normally, going to their favorite businesses’ websites and browsing through their inventory until they find something they like.

These companies pay Ebates for the added promotion and marketing efforts. When this money comes back to the company, they can return it to their customers via a cashback system or through coupons. In either case, the goal is to translate savings to the Ebates user, essentially allowing them to become an affiliate of an affiliate.

Though the shopper themselves aren’t required to do any promotion, post any affiliate links of their own, or go through any additional steps to get their discounts, they’re able to reap the benefits of this network of retailers.

How Do Users Get Paid? Is the Process Easy?

A person using this service has some options when it comes to how they want to get their cashback. It can be delivered by check or PayPal, with no additional fees or surprises during the transaction.

A person can also get in-store cashback on participating items and also get their money back on a special visa card. Unlike some systems which promise the same service with more complications, Ebates gives users access to savings from their favorite retailers without complex forms to fill out or cumbersome point systems to keep track of.

Many rebate-based services have a setup where people must build up credits, which presents another step between the individual and the savings they want. This added complication can be enough to make some people think twice about signing up, which may explain why this company has simplified their approach to providing cashback services.

There are additional products provided to make the cashback process even easier, allowing users to get instant alerts when cashback is available and even use the service from their mobile device.

Cash Back Button and Mobile Apps

One question that potential customers may have when it comes to this service is how exactly they’ll know when they’ve earned cash.

Ebates’s Cash Back Button makes it easy for users to see when this occurs, providing them alerts and making it easy for them to claim their rewards. The Cash Back Button is a browser extension, making it easy to install. It also has another benefit – it allows a user to add coupons they’ve earned during the checkout process, effectively allowing them to utilize all their savings at their discretion.

The app was released in late 2013 and offers the same services as the desktop site. However, it also provides one-click price comparison options, allowing smart shoppers the chance to save even more. There’s a deal board to make sure great sales aren’t missed. Even common features of other apps like push notifications and sharing options are included, helping customers share their good experience with others.

The benefits of using this service are that it offers people the chance to save money while still allowing them to browse their preferred sites. With a simple payment process and a history of satisfied customers, Ebates has emerged as one of the most innovative and lucrative services for shoppers.