Create a CenturyLink Account to Surf the Internet

Any CenturyLink customer can have access to their bills by using their CenturyLink Online Account. This account also allows them to find out about promos and updates, and add or remove services to their account.

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink provides telecommunications services all over the United States, ranking as the third largest in the country. Founded in 1968 in Louisiana, it was previously known as the Oak Ridge Telephone Company. Oak Ridge was first owned by F.E. Hogan, Sr. It was eventually sold to Marie Williams and William Clarke with only 75 subscribers. Their son, Clarke Williams, eventually took over and started acquiring other similar businesses, the first of which was a phone company in Marion, Louisiana. By 1968, they already had 10,000 access lines that covered three states. It was then that the business was incorporated and was given the name Central Telephone and Electronics. They continued to buy out companies and renamed the company to CenturyTel in 1999. It wasn’t until 2009 that they became known as CenturyLink. Today, CenturyLink offers voice communications, data communications, television services, and home security services.

How to Create a CenturyLink Account Online

If you are a current CenturyLink subscriber and would like to have access to your bills and other services online, you can create an online account by following these steps:

  • Go to CenturyLink’s website by using the link provided below.
  • Move your pointer over the tab named “My Accounts” found at the upper right side of the page. A new menu will drop down below it. Under “Home Pages & Email”, click on the link that says “Create Account”.
  • You will be led to a page that says “Get your new email and login”. Click on the green arrow that says “Next”.
  • Type in the phone number that is associated with your internet line at the space provided. Click the button that says “Continue”.
  • Wait for the page to completely load as the site configures your modem to connect to your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet.
  • Once the page loads, give all the information asked for. Take note of your CenturyLink email and password.

Helpful Information

CenturyLink Homepage –

CenturyLink Support Page –

CenturyLink Hotline – 1-877-290-5458