Emblemhealth Login and Registration

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If you live in New York City or the tri-state area, the odds are pretty good that you have considered becoming a member of EmblemHealth and, once you already are a member, you will certainly need an EmblemHealth login. Also, if you have questions about how to obtain this login or why it is necessary, then this article will answer these questions for you.

EmblemHealth is ranked as one of the largest nonprofit health plans in the United States and has about 3.1 million members in New York City and the tri-state area. The company has been in business under various names since the 1930s, and its goal is to protect its customers from catastrophic financial issues associated with accidents and illnesses and to provide “quality healthcare at affordable prices.”

What Is the EmblemHealth Login?

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The EmblemHealth login is the combination of a user name and password that provides you with access to EmblemHealth’s online systems.

In fact, unlike some insurance companies and health plans, EmblemHealth offers non-members access to much of their online resources and educational materials in order to help everyone improve their wellness.

You may be able to set up an EmblemHealth login in some cases, and take free health and wellness classes at the nonprofit’s groundbreaking “neighborhood health hubs.”

Changing How Healthcare Is Delivered

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Part of EmblemHealth’s plan to keep its members healthy involves making sure all of a member’s healthcare providers can access important information about that member, with permission and when necessary.

EmblemHealth focuses on long-term health solutions rather than short-term “fixes” for symptoms. The company refers to this concept as the “whole-person” approach to healthcare and uses it as part of its mission that has guided the formation of community care programs that extend beyond EmblemHealth members.

Also, it offers a wide variety of plans for individuals and families, works with Medicaid and Medicare plans, participates in state exchanges in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and offers dental, vision, acupuncture, and telemedicine.

It links all the information and practitioners together for the successful treatment of a patient. The EmblemHealth login provides a critical link in the plan’s ability to work with leading doctors and hospitals and offers what EmblemHealth states is “the largest dental network in New York.”

Is There a Need for the EmblemHealth Login?

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While EmblemHealth might seem limited geographically at first, the nonprofit’s laser focus on New York City and the tri-state area has enabled it to create an enormous network of members, employers, brokers, and providers. Each person involved in any aspect of EmblemHealth needs an EmblemHealth login so they can access important information about their specific focal area.


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For members, the EmblemHealth login plays a crucial role in wellness. As a member, you can use your login to do the following:

  • Shop for a plan
  • Find a doctor
  • Find a pharmacy
  • Contact EmblemHealth
  • Contact a provider
  • Register as a new member
  • Register additional family members
  • Fill out health forms
  • Update your medical information
  • Access health and educational resources
  • Find physical locations for various services
  • Receive news and updates about EmblemHealth

You will also be able to participate in health-related forums and become an active part of the EmblemHealth community by signing in using your EmblemHealth login.


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Want a career with EmblemHealth? Well, once you achieve that goal, the odds are good you will need a login to start fully delivering in your new position. Job opportunities include working within EmblemHealth as an employee “promoting the health and wellbeing of our members,” as the company describes it, or as a broker for the company, a position which helps potential members identify EmblemHealth as a good fit for their healthcare needs.

Just some of the careers at EmblemHealth include the following:

  • Telephonic care managers
  • Complex care managers serving high-risk members of the community
  • Relationship management specialists
  • Contract administrators
  • Pharmaceutical analysts
  • Pharmacists
  • Outreach specialists in various capacities
  • Vendor advisors
  • Actuaries
  • Operations specialists
  • Provider relations managers

With so many varied career opportunities open at EmblemHealth, you are more likely than you might have realized to need an EmblemHealth login in your future.


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EmblemHealth offers employer health plans as well as individual plans, which enables employers to create a healthy working environment that offers competitive advantages to its employees.

Employers using EmblemHealth programs for their employees will have to create their own EmblemHealth login while also having employees who become members create personal logins themselves. This is to help the employer monitor what types of services they are offering and help employees stay in the loop about their healthcare options.

As an employer, creating a login will enable you to do the following:

  • Apply for various health plans
  • Fill out important forms
  • Determine your eligibility for different EmblemHealth programs
  • Enroll subscribers
  • Terminate subscribers
  • Change the status of subscribers
  • Help an employee who wants to decline enrollment
  • Manage pharmacy benefits
  • Access help at any stage of your membership and enrollment process

Neighborhood Care Hubs

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EmblemHealth came up with its Neighborhood Care or “neighborhood health hubs” program to offer in-person customer service, health and wellness classes, and even educational resources to everyone in a community.

The company notes proudly, “Members and non-members alike can visit Neighborhood Care and take advantage of our classes, tools, and face-to-face support.” While not all Neighborhood Care services require an EmblemHealth login, some may.

Neighborhood Care facilities offer free classes:

  • Zumba
  • Chair yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Art therapy
  • Diabetes management
  • Cell phone literacy
  • Spanish 101
  • Support groups

Some of these services and classes may require a login to track progress or to help users take full advantage of the services offered. You may also be able to reserve a spot rather than simply walking in if you have a login for the class, particularly if it deals with enrollment.

How to Create an EmblemHealth Login?

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To create an EmblemHealth login, you must first be a member of EmblemHealth. With that membership, you will receive an EmblemHealth I.D. card that contains information you will need to create your login.


Register for myEmblemHealth

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The service called myEmblemHealth enables members to create an online profile for themselves that will ultimately result in their ability to log into their account and perform multiple tasks.

Before an individual can register, a provider may need to register the new member on their side. If you have an individual plan, this initial step may not be necessary. Once you have an EmblemHealth I.D. card, you should have the information you need to begin the registration process.

To register for myEmblemHealth, you must provide the following:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your member I.D. which is found under your name on the EmblemHealth I.D. card
  • Your first and last name
  • A valid email address

As you enter this information, you will periodically pause as the system confirms information. For example, you cannot enter your name and email until the system has validated your member I.D. Once you have entered your email and confirmed it, the system may require you to click a link or open an email to validate that email address and give EmblemHealth permission to use that email for registration and membership purposes.


Create a User Name

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Selecting a user name is easy, but it requires a bit of thought. Easy user names are more easily hacked, but difficult user names are hard to remember. Select a user name that you will remember so you can use your EmblemHealth login but that is not so obvious that anyone could guess it and then attempt to hack into your EmblemHealth account.

EmblemHealth requires user names to meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 6 characters
  • Use letters
  • Use numbers

The system does not permit other signs and symbols in the user name, nor will it accept spaces.


Create a Password

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Once you have created a user name, it is time to create your password. EmblemHealth passwords must be at least 6 characters in length and contain letters and numbers only. The system recommends users choose “something that you will remember but is not known to anybody else.”

Once you type in your password, you will confirm it by typing it in a second time and then selecting, answering, and confirming a security question to be used in the event that you do not recall your password.


Decide If You Want to "Go Paperless"

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Before you click “submit” and create your EmblemHealth login, the system will ask you to decide if you want to “go paperless,” meaning that you will use email as your preferred communication method.


Click "Submit"

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By clicking the “Submit” button, you enter your information into the EmblemHealth system and create your login. You now can use this user name and password to access your EmblemHealth account and any related materials the plan offers you depending on whether you are an employee, provider, member, or broker.

Users should note that clicking submit indicates agreement with the company’s Terms of Use, so if you have concerns about this be sure to read them before you submit your information.

It's Time to Make the Most of Your EmblemHealth Login

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Now that you have full access to the online side of EmblemHealth, you should make the most of it! Take a look at the many classes you could take at local Neighborhood Care centers.

Evaluate your options for creating a healthier, happier you in the coming year. Make sure all your information is updated so that your healthcare providers can serve you optimally. Thanks to your new login, all of these options are at your fingertips.