Why Gmail is the Best Email Client Around

Gmail is the premier email address for people all around the world. The sleek, seamless system combines with a clean interface to create one of the most efficient digital communication systems on Earth.

However, as there are so many features and so many traits, many people may ask, why get a Gmail account in the first place? We will explore that question in this guide to show off some of the platforms more impressive features and analyze how to use it to the full extent.

Sign into Gmail’s Countless Features

Gmail comes with a range of incredible perks, and one of the best is that, while it is sponsored by AdSense, the ads never get in the way of the mail. Rather, they sit on the side of the page where they don’t bother you. Some email companies put ads on messages, but Gmail’s strictly hands-off approach makes for a much cleaner experience.

Another strong feature of Gmail is its excellent spam filtering. Almost every email in today’s world filters out unwanted emails. However, Gmail’s is cut above the rest. Not only does it shut down the usual spam, but the algorithm works hard to keep out viruses and phishing attempts as well. While no system is going to stop everything from coming through, Gmail is about as close as you can get to perfect.


Anybody who uses today’s technology wants it to be a seamless and easy process. Gmail helps with that because it comes with POP and IMAP combability. As a result, anyone with an account can use programs like Apple Mail and Outlook to check email without needing to switch back and forth to their Gmail sign in.

An additional ease-of-use feature is how seamlessly you can move through your email. Most people are busy, which causes their emails to back up. Gmail smooths out that process by giving you a way to quickly navigate through your folders as if you were searching for web pages. Such an intuitive system means you are almost always going to get the results you want.

The final feature in this section is offline access, which is another big selling point of Gmail’s system. Anyone with a Gmail login can use it from a computer, even when they are not connected to the internet. All you need is the handy Gmail offline Chrome extension.

Additional Bonuses of Signing up with Google

Many people believe that all emails are equal. However, they all have their differences. One of the biggest is the amount of space. This is another area where Google is far ahead of the pack. Gmail first became popular by giving its users tons and tons of space, and that holds true to this day. Not only can you archive old messages (which allows you to save rather than delete them) but you also can share your mail across multiple accounts.

That means you never have to worry about running out of room or losing certain older emails. You can also buy additional space if you need it.

When thinking about getting a Gmail login, you also have to appreciate the many smaller features that help build such a smooth system. You can easily check the mail from any device, access it whenever you need, and get notifications sent directly to your desktop. Messages are also delivered extremely quickly to make sure you are never out of the loop.

The final draw of the client is that Google combined all of its main services directly into the Gmail navigation bar. That means you can do all of your computing from a single space. Most emails are just for email, but Gmail helps you book appointments, share files, read the latest news, find a place to eat, or even watch YouTube videos without going too far.

It also easily works with Google Hangouts. Contacts are listed on the left-side of the email, which allows you to easily tell who is available and who is not. You can then use Google’s easy-to-use system to video call, voice chat, or instant message anyone on that list.

A Great Way to Access Your Email

Overall, Google has created one of the best email systems you can find. It is your standard email, compiled with a ton of space, and filled with countless features. Do not think of Gmail as only an email client, but a hub from where you can easily access all of Google’s endless services.

The technology is amazing in its current form, and it is constantly being updated with better systems or new features. That, along with everything listed in the above article, makes getting Gmail a no-brainer.