The Google Play Store – Apps for Everyone and Everything

Whether you are among the 2 billion who run Android, or part of the 10% smart device owners who don’t, you’ve definitely heard of the Google Play store. That’s how ubiquitous this app store is. In fact, it is the center of the universe for everyone running Android (Android being Google’s operating system).

Wait, what am I talking about you say? No problem, let me backtrack a bit and we’ll take it from the top.

What is the Google Play Store?

When Google launched its Android OS in September of 2008, it also launched a portal where people could download various apps. They called it the “Android Market”. A couple of years later, Google launched Google eBook Store, then Google Music, and so on. It soon became complicated and overwhelming for Android users to navigate these different stores in search of the apps they needed. The solution was to integrate all the stores into one platform.

The Google Play Store was born.

With 450 000 apps and games to offer Android users at that time, the Google Play App Store has grown by leaps and bounds and now boasts of 2.77 million apps and games. Today, there is basically an app for anything you can think of under the sun.

What Devices Run Android?

Google Play Store

With the leaps and strides being made in the field of technology and the rise of IoT (the Internet of Things, if you are confused), the question should be, “which devices don’t run android”. From smartphones to smart homes to smart cars, an estimated 90% of the devices are running on Android.

And all these devices get their apps from the Google Play Store.

Even if you are a die-hard Apple (or Blackberry as it breathes its last) fan, one time or the other, you will have to embrace the Google Play Store. It’s the future, you can’t escape it.

Do I Really Need The Google Play Store App?

The answer is as clear as day. If you run an Android device (including the new Chrome Books), the Google Play Store app comes pre-loaded. And that for very good reasons. For you to enjoy your device to its fullest, you have to customize it by downloading apps to suit your lifestyle.

If, on the other hand, you run an operating system other than Android, there is no way for you to get a Google Play Store App download. Unless of course you are into jailbreaking, but again, that’s a topic for another day (a risky one for your phone too).

What Can I Get from the Google Play Store?

Anything. And a whole lot more. Seriously though, the Google Play Store has apps and games for everyone, both paid and free. You can get games, movies, productivity apps, social media apps, you name it. The Google Play Store has everything to offer. It’s amazing how some people survive without it.

Not only do you have the pleasure of getting apps on the Play Store, you also get to download your favorite mind with peace of mind. Yes, the Google Play Store runs security checks on every app before they approve it into the store. And it doesn’t end there. The security checks continue even after downloading the app – meaning you’re always covered.

Getting Started With Google Play Store

1. Create a Google account.

If you have one already (Gmail, Google Drive, e.t.c,) you can use the same details.

2. Login to the Play Store

Once inside the Play Store, you can browse for apps by category or by typing in the name of the app (or keyword) into the search bar.

3. Download the app

When you click on the “download” tab, depending on the app, you will be requested to approve permissions. This is simply authorizing that particular app to have access to certain areas of your device that it will need to access for it to function well.

Google Play Store – Power to the People

The fast rise in popularity that the Google Play Store has enjoyed over the past few years can be attributed to one thing and one thing alone – the Play Store gives power to the people.

What do I mean?

Simple. The Google Play Store makes it easy (and mostly free) for people to download apps from any device that runs Android. Unlike Apple, Windows, and Blackberry who limited their OS to their own brands, Google availed the Android operating system (and the Google Play Store with it) to anyone who was willing to use it. This easy access gives people the feeling of being empowered to take charge of their mobile experience.

Google Play Store – Here to Stay (and Help)

Whether you like it or not, the Google Play Store is here to stay. With a thriving community of developers in its stable, there will always be a new Google Play Store update to keep the platform improving its service (and security) to the people.

No other platform offers such great service. And there are 2 Billion devices to prove it.