Why Everyone Should Use Google Wallet

We live in a digital age where just about everything is connected with technology. So, why not your wallet? Google Wallet (soon to be Google Pay) steps in to answer that question by giving you a fast, free way to send and request money from both your phone and your computer. There is no external sign up or apps needed for this to work. All it takes is a Google Account and a debit card.

Setting Up Google Pay

The first part of using Google Wallet is downloading the app. This can be done online, or from the iTunes or Google Play store (whatever you prefer). As long as you have a working Gmail account, you will be able to use your name and password to add Google Wallet to it.

To set up online, go to wallet.google.com and click “sign in” at the top right corner. To install the mobile wallet app, you need to visit the Google Wallet homepage and click the “Install now” link. From there, you can select Android or IOS, which will then direct you to the Google Play or iTunes store to download it for free.

Once that is done, you next want to set up Google Wallet by putting in your personal and billing information. Such data is important for the app to work, so double check before going forward. To do that, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. That will allow you to freely edit both your name and address, as well as any other relevant information.

Google wallet

After everything is up to date, you next need to verify your identity. This step is key because it helps you access a lot of important features, such as activating a Google Wallet Card with round the clock fraud monitoring.

You also want to set up a four-digit pin to better protect your information. This step is purely optional, but highly recommended because it gives your wallet an extra level of security. To set it up, simply click “Set PIN” in settings, and then choose your unique four-digit password. You will use that number anytime you open the app or take money from an ATM.

Sending Money and Making Payments with Google Wallet

The biggest draw of Google Wallet is how easy it is to send and receive money. As long as you have an email address or working phone number you can send money to anyone.

Many people may worry that their contacts need the Google Wallet app to receive money or send money, but that is not the case. Anybody can send or request in Gmail or at wallet.google.com, and if you ever send cash to someone who does not have the app, they will receive a link to the website where they can retrieve it. With Google, payments are quick and easy.

Another added bonus of Google Wallet is that, if you’re in the U.S. or UK, you can transfer money to anyone who lives in your country. People do not need to live nearby, or even be in the same region. The money is typically posted to the account within minutes, though some banks can take up to 24 hours to post.

Adding Money and Controlling Your Balance

The final part of using Google Wallet is adding money. Your balance, which is the money that is inside your virtual wallet, is what you can use to send, make in-store purchases with your Google wallet card, or shop online.

If you want to add money to the balance, it is easy as one click. Transferring money from your bank account is free. However, money from your credit or debit card, there is a flat 2.9% fee. Just visit the wallet website and click on “Payment methods”. From there, go to “Add to Wallet Balance,” choose how you want to add the money, type in that amount, and click done.

Adding money can also be done on the mobile app by tapping the three lines in the upper left-hand corner and selecting “Wallet Balance” and “Add money.”

A Quick, Easy Way to Pay

Google Wallet is one of the best ways to send and receive money. There are a few wallet-oriented programs out there, but none of them have the ease and accessibility of Google Pay. It is all about ease when it comes to modern technology, and few programs are as intuitive as the wallet.

As it is both mobile and online, anyone can access Google payments different modes and forms. It does not matter where you’re located, or you need to transfer or receive money for, the wallet be able to help you out.