Healthnet Login and Registration

In this article, we'll show you how to set up your HealthNet login for first-time use.

HealthNet is a health insurance provider that offers a wide range of benefits and plans to nearly 6 million individuals throughout the United States. Although initially founded as a nonprofit in 1977, the company converted to a for-profit in 1992 and transferred 80 percent of its equity to a “successor charity” to its nonprofit status. Shortly thereafter, HealthNet went through a series of mergers, conversions, buyouts, and name-changes that lasted for multiple years until, in 2015, Centene Corporation acquired the entire HealthNet network of companies and state-specific divisions.

By bringing all of the healthcare networks under one roof, Centene could better serve the millions of federal employees and private citizens in the network, all of whom need a HealthNet login to access their benefits and optimize their own individual care.

As an American healthcare and insurance provider, HealthNet's storied history has helped it create a vast network of service providers, healthcare product providers, and behavioral health services for its members. While HealthNet serves about 6 million individuals in the United States, it also offers employee assistance programs (EAPs) to another 7.3 million individuals via company plans intended to assist with behavioral health and substance abuse. The company also offers administrative services for medical groups and self-funded benefits programs.

Working for Healthy Kids

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In addition to serving individuals, families, groups, companies, Medicare beneficiaries, and federal employees, all of whom need a HealthNet login to make the most of their unique plans, HealthNet partners with the state of California under a variety of programs, including:

  • Medicaid
  • Healthy Families
  • Healthy Kids
  • Medi-Cal

The result is a network of programs designed to help keep children healthy and provide low-cost health insurance for children under 19 years of age. Low-income individuals older than 19 can enroll in similar programs and get a HealthNet login to access their benefits.

Serving Unique Populations

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HealthNet has made a specialty of serving unique needs and populations, one of which is the Hispanic community. The company's “Salud” plan offers members of the Hispanic community “access to affordable, local, culturally competent healthcare” that can be paired with other HealthNet plans. Salud even functions about 50 miles into Mexico over the California-Mexico border so that members with HealthNet login information can enroll dependents and grant them access to medical care even if they are currently living in Mexico.

HealthNet Features and Services

HealthNet offers a wide range of services to members, providers, brokers, and employers. All HealthNet access comes via the HealthNet login on the HealthNet portal, so everyone involved with the company needs to register for a HealthNet login to avail themselves of these benefits. Advantages of having a HealthNet login include:

  • Access to secure messaging
  • Access to updated medical policies
  • Access to the HealthNet member blog


Once you are a member of HealthNet and have a HealthNet login, you will be able to log into the website to update your healthcare information and keep all of your providers in the loop about your health. Furthermore, HealthNet members may find information about grants for improving health outcomes in certain populations or may find they are eligible for certain supplemental plans provided by Medicare or other state programs by reviewing their options on the website.

HealthNet's “Member Pulse” also provides information on:

  • Health improvement tools
  • Support for members
  • Health tips
  • Training and educational resources
  • Preventative behaviors
  • Beating smoking
  • Evaluating hospitals during a pregnancy
  • Losing weight

Members can also access lists of social services available to them either in conjunction with their HealthNet membership or simply provided as part of the local community. These services include:

  • Benefits during disasters like the California wildfires
  • Food banks
  • Shelter
  • Job training
  • Financial assistance
  • Employment programs
  • Health literacy

While most of these services do require members to have a HealthNet login, some programs are available to members and non-members alike.

Service Providers And Brokers

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If you are a service provider or a broker already working with the company, then you likely already have a HealthNet login. This will give you access to information on:

  • Medical policies
  • Provider requirements and responsibilities
  • Program updates
  • News about legislative and regulatory changes affecting providers
  • Participation opportunities in your specific state
  • Promotional materials for HealthNet
  • Contracting information
  • Updated Centene Corporation business ethics and conduct policies

All of this information helps service providers and brokers stay in the loop about the latest HealthNet programs available to patients and potential members. It also enables these entities to best serve their clients and patients by connecting them with the HealthNet programs and benefits that are best for them.


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HealthNet offers employers both large and small group plans as well as multiple pharmacy plan options and “perks” that make working for an employer offering HealthNet as a healthcare option particularly attractive for many employees. HealthNet and its subsidiaries offer:

  • HMO plans
  • POS plans
  • Insured PPO plans
  • Government contracts

The group also works with Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and Veterans Affairs (VA) programs.

Employers who may not offer a full range of HealthNet benefits may still work with the company via its behavioral health services subsidiary, MHN, to provide employees with assistance in the event they struggle with substance abuse or behavioral issues. Employers may also avail themselves of other HealthNet programs and managed-care products, including:

  • Prescription drug programs
  • Managed healthcare product coordination for multi-region employers
  • Administrative services for medical groups

Dealing With Controversy and Data Breaches

Some of HealthNet's best services today are a result of its dedication to dealing with internal controversies head-on. HealthNet has experienced two major data breaches, one in 2009 that led to an attorney general investigation in Connecticut, and one in 2011 that affected about 1.9 million members and providers. Both breaches led to legal issues for the company, and HealthNet offered free credit protection in response to the 2009 incident. In 2011, the company offered victims and potential victims both credit monitoring and identity theft insurance.

Establishing a HealthNet login is one of the best ways to work with the company to keep private information secure since simply emailing private medical or financial information or even conveying it via written materials is less likely to keep it confidential.

How to Register for Your HealthNet Login

Employers, members, providers, and brokers all need a HealthNet login to access important information about HealthNet services and, in member's cases, their own health records and information. HealthNet provides employers, brokers, and service providers with login information. Members, however, must register for a HealthNet login online using personal information and information provided by their employer or individual plan.

Step 1: Provide Your Subscriber I.D. and Personal Information

To begin the online registration process and obtain a HealthNet login, members must first confirm they are a HealthNet subscriber by entering their subscriber I.D. or “CIN number.” These numbers are found on the HealthNet I.D. card members receive upon enrollment as well as on the HealthNet welcome letter a member receives at the same time. In some cases, the number will be a Medi-Cal number, and in every case, it will contain no hyphens and be between nine and 14 characters.

Once a member has entered their HealthNet I.D., they will be asked to provide their date of birth in order to continue. The HealthNet system will verify that the individual in question is a HealthNet member before moving forward.

Step 2: Provide Basic Account Information

Once your membership status is confirmed, HealthNet will ask for additional account information. This will help the system determine where you will log in after registration. For example, if you are a Medicare Advantage member, your login location will be different from that of an Employer Group Plan member or a Family Plan member in California.

Step 3: Confirm Username and Password Combination

The HealthNet login is really nothing more than a combination of a username and password that members can use to access the HealthNet system. Once the system has confirmed you are a member and identified what type of membership you possess, getting a HealthNet login is simple. You will provide your email address and confirm it, then select a username and password that create what HealthNet refers to as a “unique identifier” for each member to protect privacy and prevent unauthorized access to medical records.

Members should note that registering for a HealthNet login involves agreeing to the company's:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Other legal notices

Be sure to read all of these items in advance if you have concerns since once you set up your HealthNet login you have agreed to them.

Make the Most of HealthNet

Once you have finished registering for HealthNet and you have access to the content and features available on the Health Net Member website, make the most of this access by taking the time to review the available resources. Since HealthNet is a national company offering many versions of its plans and working closely with multiple states and even across borders in some instances, there may be advantages to your HealthNet membership of which you were unaware. Knowing all your options will help you remain as healthy as possible.