Access Your OneAccount Online for Management

HigherOne provides different refund options to students of participating institutions in specific areas in the states of Connecticut and California through the use of their OneCard and OneAccount.

About HigherOne

HigherOne was founded in 2000 by three college students. The company offers financial services by providing payment services and refund management to different participating higher education institutions, which was made possible with using a card-based solution. HigherOne allows the administration of the participating institutions to reduce their costs as well as improve on the kind of service offered to their students. The OneCard is the debit card that HigherOne uses. It is powered by MasterCard and is tied up with an insurance checking account with FDIC that does not require any minimum balance, nor does it charge any monthly fees. The checking account is called OneAccount, from where money will be withdrawn each time the card is used. HigherOne offers different refund options to their members. One of these options is through EasyRefund, which directly deposits the money owed to the student by the institution at the exact same day that the refund is released. Today, HigherOne is offered in different institutions across Oakland, California and New Haven, Connecticut.

How to Access Your OneAccount Online for Management

  • Visit the Higher One Card website by following the link provided below.
  • On the homepage, type in your school on the space provided. You can choose among the choices that would show up as you start typing the first few letters of the name of your school.
  • Click on the button that says “Go”. This will lead you to your specific program website.
  • On the menu at the left side of the page, click on the option that says “OneAccount”.
  • Once you are on the OneAccount homepage, click on the button that says “Get Started”.
  • Check your card for your card number. Type this information into the space provided.
  • Click on the button that says “Continue”.
  • Start creating your profile by following the instructions on the next pages and providing the information requested for. Make sure you double check all the details for accuracy.
  • Setup your refund once your profile has been created. You can also start managing your account using the login details you registered during the creation of your profile.

Helpful Information

HigherOne website –

OneAccount Customer Care Hotline – 1-866-309-7454 and 1-866-309-7452.