Humana Login And Registration

Humana is more than your average insurance provider whose main aim is to empower its members by helping them live healthy, active, and rewarding lives. Even with a large clientele, Humana is committed to serving every one of its members in their own unique way. It is able to do so by continuously innovating. By doing so, Humana has come up with a way for its members to easily access their benefits. Members can now access their insurance and health information online using a Humana login.

This is a better, secure, more convenient and easily accessible way for its members to manage their health without the hassle of keeping track of and sifting through paperwork.

With all the conveniences we enjoy online, such a shopping, banking, education, and much more, it’s time we also had a better way to manage and access our health and insurance information online. Humana provides just that to their members. Humana plan members can now register online and create a Humana login to access their personal myHumana account in an instant. MyHumana is a secure, “one stop shop,” easy to use, members-only resource that gives you secure access to your specific health and insurance details anytime, anywhere, and on any device as long as you have an Internet connection.

What Is the Benefit of Registering on Humana’s Website?

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Once you register and create a Humana login, you can instantly enjoy the benefits of being a Humana member through your myHumana account.  Below are some of the benefits of registering to access your information online via your myHumana account.

All Information in One Place

The traditional way of keeping track of our health and insurance information has always involved keeping track of and dealing with a lot of paperwork, along with the headache of filing, storage and ensuring their safekeeping. Over months and years, this paperwork adds up and becomes tedious to safe keep and keep organized.

We can lose this important documentation either by accident or when thieves steal it. Identity thieves are always on the hunt to get a hold of our personal information included in these records. Having this documentation in the form of paperwork can keep us on edge as we have to worry about a breach of our privacy. We don’t want people accessing both our health and personal information without permission.

With myHumana, everything has been simplified, organized and secured in one place just for you. The Humana login username and password you create during registration is safe, secure, and unique to you.

Through it, you can now access all your health, wellness and insurance information in one place without the hassle of keeping track of different folders, passwords or phone numbers. You can also access this information on any device, such as a desktop, tablet or mobile device. With everything simplified and organized for you in one place, you can become in charge of your health and can now focus on getting the best and quality care you desire.

Keep Track of Account Spending

In the myHumana account, you get an overview of your coverage, claims and spending. You will be able to view your financial details and expenses such as co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. This will help you properly budget and avoid any unnecessary surprises during routine doctor visits or even during emergency situations.

Having a proper record of these expenses is also beneficial for tax purposes, as some of them may be tax deductible. You have references and proof securely kept in one place for you online. All you need to do is log in and print when you need it.

Humana Login Communication Preferences

After you sign up and create your Humana login, you will be able to set up your communication preferences. You can choose how you want to receive information or plan related documents from Humana.

You can choose to receive it either electronically online or via paper copies in the mail. Some people may choose to receive all their plan related documents online, some may prefer to receive some online and some in the mail, and others may prefer to receive all plan related documents by mail. No matter what your choice is, you are in control, and Humana has you covered.

Humana affords you a convenient way to handle your health and insurance information. You can also choose how you want Humana to stay in touch with you, whether it’s by e-mail, text or mail. This allows you to pick a preference that suits your needs so you won’t miss important alerts related to your health and coverage. If any of your contact details change, you will be able update your contact information or change your preferences at any time from the account settings tab in your myHumana account. No more long wait times on the phone – just to change settings and account information.

Member Dashboard

Health and insurance information can be quite challenging and complex to keep track of and understand. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it broken down for you, organized and clearly labeled in a simple and easy place for you to access at any time?

Well, in your myHumana account, there is a member’s-only dashboard that treats you like royalty and provides you with an overview of your plan, your coverage and benefits details, recent claims, status of your claims, and a summary of your myHumana account information. You will also be able to find in-network doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and urgent care centers. Know before you go. This puts you more in control of your health and what happens to it.

An Intergrated Pharmacy Plan

Once you register and create a Humana login, you gain access to your pharmacy and prescription drug coverage details. Sometimes, it can be disappointing when a doctor prescribes medication, only to find out it’s not covered by your insurance while at the pharmacy for pick up.

This may end up costing you money if you pay for it out of pocket or time, as well as if you choose to contact your doctor, who may be busy, to get an alternate prescription. If your prescription is covered, wouldn’t you be curious to know how much it cost? With myHumana, you can now keep track of your prescriptions, pharmacy claims, deductibles and maximums in a central and secured place.

You can know your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses before you pick up your prescription and discuss alternative options for an affordable prescription with your doctor.

MyHumana App

We can’t always carry our desktops or laptops with us. We wouldn’t want to access our health and insurance information on a public device, either. With everything being readily accessible online, Humana has an even better way for you to access your information on your mobile device. Bring it with you wherever you go and access it at any time, be it during a routine doctor visit or an emergency, while at home, or while traveling.

Download the myHumana app from the Apple app store or Google Play Store, create a fingerprint sign in, and voila! You now have access to your important information, such as ID cards, claims, in-network providers and drug pricing. All of these will be at your fingertips, on the go, secure and easily accessible from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

How to Login and Register on Humana’s Website

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Registering and account setup is secure, fast, and easy. You will need to create a Humana login. Go to, select “Register Now,” and follow the steps below.


  • 1
    Click the All other members link
  • 2
    Enter your Humana Member ID number
  • 3
    Type your date of birth and your five-digit ZIP code
  • 4
    Read the Online Services Agreement and Humana Web Confidentiality Agreement and click Continue to accept the terms


  • 1
    Type and confirm your email address
  • 2
    Create your username then type and confirm a password
  • 3
    Select a security question and response
  • 4
    Click Submit

Once you complete the above steps, you will now have access to your myHumana account. If you experience any problems during the registration and Humana login creation process, or have questions, click on the “Ask Humana” tab at top of the page for assistance. Enrollment specialists will be ready to help and answer your questions.


Humana is committed to better serving its members by empowering them to take control of how they receive and manage their own healthcare. They have done so by making it easier to access their health and insurance information in one place, easily and securely. No more spending money and time sifting through endless paperwork just to find crucial health information when you need it the most. Register and create your Humana login today!