Register and Activate Your JCPenney Rewards Card Online

The JC Penney Rewards Program is available to JC Penney credit card holders. There are three credit card levels, and the higher members go, the more benefits they get. Card holders get a point for every $1 spent on qualified merchandise. Earning a hundred points or more in a single month gets members a $10 JC Penney reward. Up to 10 rewards may be redeemed each month using the JCP credit card. JC Penney credit card holders also have savings programs and special promotional financing for mattresses, jewellery, and a lot more. Points and rewards may be accessed online through the JC Penney online account or in customer service stations in various JC Penney branches.

About JC Penney

JC Penney is one of the country’s biggest home furnishing and apparel retailers with stores dedicated to provide the US with high quality, style, and value. There are about 1,100 physical JC Penney stores, as well as an online store, There is a wide assortment of exclusive and national brands made for all shapes, colours, sizes, and budgets.

JC Penney was established by James Cash Penney in April 14, 1902. He got started in the business as a worker for the Golden Rule store owners, Guy and Tyler Johnson. He eventually became a partner and later opened his first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming. The partnership was dissolved in 1907, and by 1909, Penney had moved his company’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, in an effort to bring it closer to railroads and banks. Three years after, Penney already had 34 stores, and in 1913, they were consolidated under the name JC Penney.

JC Penney remains a socially responsible business, and it ensures environmental, social, and ethical standards across all operations throughout the country. They value sustainability in all business endeavours – from their worldwide supplies to the environmental effects of their stores.

How to Register and Activate Your JC Penney Rewards Card Online

You should have your JC Penney Rewards or Credit Card handy when signing up. Only the primary account holder can register and activate the account.

  • Visit the JC Penney activation page on the first link listed below.
  • Click the button that says “Activate Your Credit Card Now.”
  • Click the Register & Activate button.
  • Enter your account number, then click “Next.”
  • Finish the rest of the registration and activation process as instructed by the website.

Helpful Information

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