Find the Right Price of a New Car for Free with KBB

You can find fair purchase prices for any new and used car that you’re interested in by visiting the Kelley Blue Book website.

About Kelley Blue Book

Les Kelley started the Kelley Kar Company in 1918. Because he didn’t have a job or a single cent to his name, he decided to sell his old car and used the money he got to buy another old car to be reconditioned and sold again. He did this until he had three cars ready to be sold, by which he found a lot he could lease where he could set up shop. Eventually, in the early ’20s, he made a list of cars he wanted to buy and the prices that he was willing to pay for each car. He distributed this list to banks and to other dealers. Because bankers and other dealers trusted his judgment, they made his list a basis on how they would price used cars. This was how Les Kelley realized that he could offer this as a service which gave birth to the Kelley Blue Book.

How to Find the Right Price of a New Car for Free with KBB

You can find out the right price of any new car you’re interested in by following these steps:

  • Visit the Kelley Blue Book website (see related link below).
  • On the homepage, you will see a section in the middle of the page that says “New Car Prices.” You have the option to look for new cars by category, by make, and by Ram Pickups.
  • Let’s say you want to search for a new car by category, and would like to start out by searching sedans. Click on the choice that says “Sedan.”
  • If it’s your first time to visit the KBB website, a small window will open up asking for your zip code. Type this into the space provided and click on the button that says “Save.”
  • You can scan through the pictures of some of the Featured Sedans that would show up in the middle of the page. You can click on the picture of each car to find out what the fair purchase price is.
  • If you are not interested in any of the featured cars on the page that shows your search results for sedans, you can narrow down your search by clicking on a specific make on the list that appears on the left side.
  • Once you choose a specific make, a list of sedans under that make will show up. Simply click on the button that says “Select” at the right side of each option to show the details and fair purchase price of each car.
  • You can also add other car types under the same make by marking the corresponding tick boxes at the top of the search results for sedans under a specific make.

Helpful Information

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