Kmart Feedback Survey

Let Kmart find out about your customer experience by participating in the Kmart Feedback Survey, which also allows you to participate in their sweepstakes.

About Kmart

Kmart is a chain of discount stores founded in 1962. It is considered as the third largest chain of discount stores in the world. Aside from branches all over the United States, they also have stores in Puerto Rico, Guam, Eastern Europe, Canada, and Mexico. By October 2014, they already have a total of 1,077 stores.

Kmart’s roots stem back to 1897 when its founder, Sebastian S. Kresge, invested $8,000 dollars in a discount store in Memphis, which he co-owned with John McCrory. They grew the business together under the name Kresge & Wilson Company, which was eventually incorporated into the S.S. Kresge Corporation in 1912. They had a total of 85 stores at that time.

Kresge eventually retired as president of the corporation. The corporation was also badly hit by the Great Depression, which resulted to a huge loss of profit, where a number of stores had to close down.

In 1962, the first Kmart store was opened under the leadership of S.S. Kresge Corporation’s Harry Cunningham. In the 70’s, Kmart managed to put several of its competitors out of business. By 1977, S.S. Kresge Corporation was renamed to Kmart Corporation. Today, its headquarters are found in Troy, Michigan. Although there are stores in Australia and New Zealand that carry the name, they are not owned nor managed by their American counterpart.

How to Join the Kmart Feedback Survey

You can let Kmart know all about your customer experience by completing the Kmart feedback survey. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit the Kmart Feedback page by following the link provided below.
  • Check your receipt number and type this into the space provided. Make sure you do not put in any spaces.
  • Answer each of the questions as accurately as possible. The questions will be based on the products and services you purchased from Kmart, and will reflect the quality of your customer experience as a whole.
  • You will be notified once you reach the end of the survey. Completing the survey will also mean having an entry to the sweepstakes where you can have the chance to win a few prizes from Kmart.

Helpful Information

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Kmart Customer Service Hotline – 1-866-562-7848