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Americans agree on very little when it comes to medical insurance, but we all generally agree upon one thing: medical insurance, and the medical industry itself, is broken. Very few Americans are receiving the same level of care that we received just five short years ago, and increasingly, doctors are telling us that the insurance companies aren’t willing to pay for a routine checkup that lasts more than fifteen minutes. That’s why more and more Americans are completing their Medishare login and registration.

A group of very concerned citizens got together in 1993 and foresaw that the problems plaguing medical insurance would only worsen to the dire straits American medical insurance is in today. They created a system independent of the government, and independent of the big medical insurance systems to create a solution that would get to the heart of the problem.

It’s called “Medishare” – yes, you read that right – not “care,” but “share.” It’s never failed to meet the necessary health care needs of its members. And the best part of it? If you think insurance is a dirty word, you can rest easy. In fact, whatever you do, don’t call “Medishare” insurance, because it’s isn’t. That said, growing numbers of Americans who make other smart health decisions are calling Medishare the solution to their greatest medical risks, from young folks to those in the twilight of their lives. And it gets even better. It is completely separate from the nation’s failing Social Security and Medicare systems.

Humble Beginnings: Enter Medishare On The National Stage

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Before you get started with your Medishare login and registration, let’s briefly cover their history. In 1993, America was still riding a wave of relative economic prosperity. Most American’s couldn’t log into email, let alone successfully complete a Medishare login! America’s working class hadn’t yet been stabbed in the wallet by waves of recession.

The medical insurance industry had grown so big that it would take more effort to try and fix it than to simply come up with a new way of ensuring that everyday Americans were taken care of. So instead of running for office; instead of criticizing the legions of things wrong with the current systems, a small group of innovators put their heads together and came up with a solution. That solution is known today as Medishare, and its operated by a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization called Christian Care Ministry, which headquarters Medishare in West Melbourne, Florida.

​How Medishare Works Logistically

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Medishare is proud to say, to this day, that it is not insurance, but rather, it’s good people sharing each other’s expenses. As you keep reading, we’re going to show you how you can join this medical sharing group that many have called their solution the failing medical insurance system in America.

​How Medishare Works

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​Medishare has an iron-clad record of making good on its promises. So – if Medishare isn’t insurance, what is it, and how does it work? If you can’t file a claim to get money out of it, what good is it? Well, it’s this and other questions we’ll be exploring as we get to the bottom of this force – or “Act of God,” if you will – disrupting the traditional Medical Insurance industry.

​​Medishare Pros

Medishare Rewards You in Ways Insurance Can’t for Your Good Decisions

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​When you insure a car, you’re rewarded for being a good driver. Well, Medishare effectively rewards you for being a “good driver” of your body in a way generally prohibited by most insurance companies. Because members are faith-based, and thus lead a rather restrictive lifestyle which doesn’t include promiscuity, drug use, and other risky behavior, you very seldom to never share the cost of such risky behavior. In other words, Medishare rewards faith-based members for their faithfulness and spares you from paying for others’ bad decisions as a man or woman of faith.

Medishare Lets Religious Members Sleep Easier

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One of the big problems the faith-based market has with traditional insurance is that church people get the jitters about paying for abortions, even if they’re not having the abortion themselves. Traditional insurance forces faith-based customers to indirectly pay for other people’s abortions, which faith-based customers, of course, consider immoral. With Medishare, you can rest easy knowing that the contributions you make to your Medishare member account never fund anything that doesn’t hold up to Christian Standards.

Medishare Makes for Obvious Savings


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Obviously, when you live a healthy life, and you’re sharing medical expenses with others who live healthy lives, everyone pays less over-all. You’re seldom paying for members’ chronic visits to the psychiatrist. As even psychologists admit, a good friend is often just as effective as a paid therapist, and people of faith tend to be more connected in their churches. They have easy access to pastoral care. Medishare members see their bodies as a gift that is to be treated well, and so they are more likely to treat their bodies well and incur fewer expenses that fall upon the whole of the members.

This stands in contrast to insurance companies, which tend to reward doctors for sometimes frivolously ordering more tests during physical checkups. These unnecessary tests add to the traditional insurance company’s sum member burden, but the insurance companies continue to encourage them anyway.

Traditional insurance companies tend to be experts at moving money around, but not as adept at encouraging good health. Medishare’s contribution mission, methodology, and structure encourage overall good health in its total membership with a zeitgeist that supersedes “Prevention medicine.” Medishare’s faith-based approach to health is pro-active. Rather than worry about the worst that could happen (prevention), Medishare members focus on finding the good in life, including in the realm of physical health. That’s why they generally find it! So financially, everybody wins.

Other Medishare Pros

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  • Your Medishare membership isn’t contingent upon where you work or what state you live in
  • Your Medishare membership cannot be canceled because of a developing medical condition
  • Medishare covers select funeral and adoption expenses
  • You only pay for the program options you want when picking your regular contribution
  • Medishare imposes no lifetime or annual limits on how much you can be helped
  • Medishare members were exempt from the “Individual Mandate” of the Affordable Health Care Act when it was in effect, suggesting that similar potential future attempts to impose mandatory insurance coverage on you may potentially also be legally evaded by becoming a member of Medishare instead

​Medishare Cons

​Not everybody is singing the praises of Medishare, namely, the insurance salesmen. Here are some of the criticisms Medishare Critics, including the Medical Insurance Industry, are fond of voicing.

Lack of Legal Recourse for Members

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Medishare members have faith in the system rooted in their own faith, so they never spend time worrying about the stability of Medishare, which is audited by an independent firm. That said, critics of Medishare having less faith often point to the fact that if Medishare were to hypothetically deny coverage or go bankrupt, there would be little legal recourse for members.

Pre-Existing Conditions Matter

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Just as Medishare is rather unpermissive when it comes to lifestyles that diverge from that of its faith-based mission, Medishare also imposes some restrictions when it comes to pre-existing conditions. Medishare’s perspective on this is simple: one shouldn’t join Medishare with the goal of imposing a burden one is already aware of on the membership. After you join, of course, your wallet may be thankful this caution regarding pre-existing conditions is in place, as it helps control your costs as a member. The bottom line: don’t join expecting to have the cost of your expensive pre-existing condition artificially absorbed completely if at all.

Medishare is Not Compatible with Many Traditional Health Plans

Don’t expect to use your Medishare with your Health Savings Account or a number of other typical company health plans.

​Getting Your Medishare Login—The Conclusion

​Not everybody is singing the praises of Medishare, namely, the insurance salesmen. Here are some of the criticisms Medishare Critics, including the Medical Insurance Industry, are fond of voicing.

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As most Americans, progressive or conservative agree, our insurance system is on the brink of collapse with unparalleled strains and seemingly unattainable costs. That’s because Americans, increasingly, lead more permissive lifestyles in an age where nobody believes in God. When you believe there’s not a God, you tend to seek the answers for bodily health in all the wrong places, such as pot, which is being legalized in an increasing number of states. You are also more prone to commit behaviors, like oral sex, which can lead to cancer; or other risky sexual behaviors which can lead to a barrage of we geeks would rather geek out than mention here. Frankly, just all this talk of sex is making us geeks blush!

The bottom line, if you love God and believe that the body he gave you is an investment, and don’t want to commit yourself to a traditional medical insurance contract which also forces you to fund the fallout from the self-destructive lifestyles of others, Medishare is an ideal option.

But don’t apply for Medishare, the same way you wouldn’t apply for membership at a really strict church, thinking that you can take your drugs, your extramarital affairs, and any other self-destructive behaviors into the program with you.

Medishare (and for the technical requirements here, your Medishare login) is a great option if you have no pre-existing conditions and are committed to a life of faith – but most of all, it’s a great option if you care for other faithful members even more than you care about yourself. In other words, it’s a great option if you’re seeking more what you can give to others – than what you can get out of it.

​Get Started With Your Medishare Login

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So—before creating a Medishare login, ask yourself—does Medishare sound like an alternative to insurance that would be a good fit for you? Great! Get started with your Medishare Login by typing (or copying and pasting) this URL into your Web Browser and follow the instructions on the screen.