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CHASE has a wide selection of credit cards serving both personal and business clients. Their collection of personal credit cards includes reward cards, cash back credit cards, hotel credit cards, airline credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, 0% intro APR credit cards, chip-enabled credit cards, and no annual fee credit cards. On the other hand, the business category includes three powerful cards which are Ink Plus, Ink Cash, and Ink Bold. The business class cards have special features for the big spender and frequent traveller.

The CHASE website has a “Compare Chase Credit Cards” tool that allows users to add cards to a table. Here, users can see features such as bonuses, rewards details, and annual fees side by side.


JP Morgan and Chase Co. is undoubtedly among the biggest banks in the United States. It is also among the oldest financial institutions in the country with over 200 years in the industry. The banking giant is a product of several mergers of the biggest names in the banking history of the US, including Chemical Banking Corp., The Chase Manhattan Corp., and Bank One Corp. To this day, JP Morgan and Chase Co. remains a prominent name in the fields of investment banking, commercial banking, transaction management, private equity, and asset management. The global financial assets of the company amount to about $2.4 trillion. With operations in more than 60 countries, JP Morgan and Chase Co. employs about 260,000 people worldwide and serves millions of consumers, businesses of all sizes, and government clients.

JP Morgan and Chase Co. is a strong advocate of protecting human rights in both their internal and external operations. They comply with local employment laws in their international locations, and have designed strict procedures to ensure that their products and services will not be used for abusive activities. The company has also implemented the Wolfsberg Principles and is among the founders of The Carbon Principles.

How to Sign Up for Chase My Account

To register for Chase My Account, prepare your active Chase credit or debit card number and follow the steps below:

  • Pull up your browser and go to the CHASE My Account website below. This will lead you to a page that says “UCARD Center.”
  • Select a language.
  • Click “Register for UCARD Center.”
  • Provide your current card number, and then click next.
  • Complete the registration as instructed by the website.

Helpful Information

CHASE My Account Website

CHASE Credit Card FAQ Page –,2,4&SP4R=Y71UH0

CHASE Customer Service Number – 1-800-432-3117