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The finance industry has its oldest roots in the merchants of 2000 BC that made grain loans to farmers and traders as they carried goods from city to city. From those humble agricultural beginnings, through the development of our current banking system’s basis in medieval and Renaissance Italy, to the explosion of global banking access through the Internet, the world of finance has overcome many obstacles. PNC online banking stands ready to meet these obstacles and the next.

PNC Bank can trace its origins back to the 1800s. Its ancestor, the Pittsburgh Trust & Savings Company, was founded in 1852. The bank became the First National Bank of Pittsburgh in 1863, and promptly established its Wood Street headquarters, where it does business to this day. Much has changed in the industry since the 1800s, and the digital age has spawned many of the biggest changes to how consumers do their banking. PNC, as the 8th largest bank in the US with over $380.768 billion in assets, provides PNC online banking, traditional retail banking, asset management, and a variety of lending options.

Who Is PNC?

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PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., known more commonly as PNC Bank, is a financial institution that offers a wide variety of banking and investment services. The bank’s origins lie in the city of Pittsburgh. Through a variety of mergers and acquisitions, the bank has grown in size and holdings throughout the years. It is now ranked as the 5th largest bank by number of branches—the 6th largest by deposits—and the 4th largest in number of ATM locations in the US according to Bankrate.

PNC puts corporate social responsibility as a top priority in their business model. That determination to prioritize customers, invest in employees, and dedicate time, effort, and resources to strengthen communities has helped create a giving, philanthropic atmosphere in every branch office. Online, their presence is permeated by these same commitments to excellence. Access to a myriad of financial educational tools, lesson plan and learning center access for educators through PNC’s Grow Up Great program, and active grant designations and support for their Arts Alive endowment are just some of the ways this company continually invests in paying it forward.

PNC Financial Services

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PNC offers a wide array of financial services for consumers, small business, large corporations, and institutions alike. Banking options range from basic student checking and savings accounts to specialized accounts for members of the military, to wealth management and private banking services. Personal loans and lines of credit are offered in multiple forms for every area of life, and accounts that assist you with planning for future dreams take a variety of forms such as savings, brokerage, and managed investment, just to name a few.

Small businesses can take advantage of not only banking and credit needs but also merchant services, company retirement options, and payroll processing. Large corporations have financing, capital markets and international services, and treasury and asset management options that can be tailored to fit almost any need. In short, PNC Financial Services Group has morphed from its small-town origins into a benevolent leader in the world of finance.


PNC offers a variety of checking accounts to address the needs of almost any life stage. Their traditional checking accounts range from standard, the most basic, to performance select for those that keep a high average monthly balance and prefer an interest-bearing account with additional perks and reward opportunities. All of these accounts have online banking access via the PNC online portal or the mobile banking app. Virtual Wallet is PNC’s answer to the digital age of banking.

A tiered set of checking, short-term savings, and high-interest savings accounts are tied to money management tools including calendars and bill pay that allow the account owner to control every aspect of their money, from account opening and transfers to setting budgets, spending limits and savings goals, all in a single online location. The entire streamlined setup can be managed through the website or the Virtual Wallet mobile app.

Traditional Checking Options:

  • Standard Checking
  • Performance Checking
  • Performance Select

Virtual Wallet Options:

  • Virtual Wallet Student
  • Virtual Wallet
  • Virtual Wallet Performance Spend
  • Virtual Wallet Performance Select


From standard savings accounts to money markets, IRAs, and CDs, PNC has more varied options than your average banking institution. PNC online banking offers access to the majority of these options, including specialized online interactive financial learning activities for kids with their trademarked “S is for Savings” child-friendly savings account.

Savings Account Options:

  • Virtual Wallet accounts
  • S is for Savings
  • Standard Savings
  • Premier Money Market
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Specialized Account Services

PNC Bank does a great job of realizing that not everyone is a standard situation consumer. They offer a variety of individualized account options for college students and military families. GI Jobs and US Veterans both ranked them as one of the top military-friendly and veteran-friendly companies for 2018. These accounts offer perks such as lower direct deposit requirements to avoid monthly account fees, rewards debit and credit cards, access to educational tools online like the PNC My Finance Academy for students, and a military-focused financial education area of the PNC online banking website—to guide those who protect our country and their families through the maze of financial options and protections readily available to them.

Investments, Retirement, & Wealth Management

Planning for the future financially isn’t always easy. Constantly changing life circumstances can create a flux that makes it difficult to know which options are the best for your financial future. The range of personalized and adjustable investment, retirement, and wealth management with PNC online banking makes for a calmer peace of mind when considering the future needs of you and your family, and most of their options can easily be managed online through the PNC website.

Investment & Retirement Accounts:

  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Education Accounts
  • 401(k) & 403(b) Retirement Accounts
  • Advisor-Managed Accounts

Wealth Management Accounts:

  • Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Charitable Giving Accounts

Business Account Services

Businesses, especially small businesses, need the convenience of 24/7 access to their financial accounts. PNC online banking ensures that these customers receive easy access to not only their banking needs, but control of merchant services, and payment and payroll processing. They also can find a variety of business planning and budgeting tools right on the PNC website.

Business & Small Business Accounts:

  • Business Checking
  • Credit Cards
  • Savings & Liquidity Management
  • Online Payroll
  • Cash Flow Insight

PNC Online Banking

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PNC online banking is unique in the industry in that it offers more than just online access to brick and mortar account information and services. Any consumer account can be accessed through the PNC online banking website, and the PNC Virtual Wallet accounts that combine checking, short-term savings, and high-interest savings have additional online access through a specialized Virtual Wallet site and mobile app. All PNC banking accounts are fully FDIC insured and automatically include an attachment to Zelle to make it safe and easy to transfer money between accounts and other banks with just an email address or mobile number.

If you want to apply for an account with PNC, they’ve made that part of it easy as well. For those who prefer a personal touch, branches are always available to assist with opening and servicing any form of PNC account. In keeping with their status as a leader in the industry, PNC online banking also offers the ability to open almost any type of account via their website. Consumers and investors have easy management of opened accounts 24/7 via the PNC online banking portal or the PNC mobile app, and can also handle many account transactions via text or voice from their phone.

The Final Coin Drop

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PNC Financial Services Group has weathered many storms in the banking industry during its almost 200-year history. Throughout that time, it has remained a bank that prides itself on customer service and community involvement and constantly aspires to lead the industry with the best technology options that benefit their consumers. PNC online banking, in conjunction with the array of personal banking and business products PNC Bank offers, achieves the goal of keeping their customers on the cutting edge of banking, while still providing customer service that promotes a warm, secure feeling of being a valued person, not just a bank account number with each account holder.

Innovative online options for children, families, students, and the military are a shining example of services that should be industry standards, and PNC’s unwavering involvement in philanthropic programs and causes makes this US banking giant feel more like a small town operation than the leading financial industry force it actually is. If you’re searching for a bank that has the branch and online options of a corporate Goliath, but the attitude and customer service of dealing with a friend or neighbor, this is the bank you want to do business with.