Submit a Rebate Claim with Ford

Ford enables its customers to submit claims for rebates and get better deals out of their purchases of Ford products and services.

About Ford

Ford was founded in June of 1903 by Henry Ford. Henry Ford initially attempted to set up a company named Henry Ford Company in 1901 which later on became the Cadillac Motor Company. He left in 1902 and launched Ford in a converted factory. He had 12 investors all in all with a total of $28,000 in cash. In fact, two of his investors were Horace and John Dodge who eventually built a car company of their own. Ford was able to produce a few cars each day with around two to three men working on each car. The parts used were made by different suppliers. However, after 10 years Ford had finally come up with the assembly line concept which made things more efficient and allowed them to bring the production of parts in-house. Today, Ford ranks as the 2nd largest car manufacturer in the US and 5th among car makers around the world. Although the company has gone public since 1956, the Ford family still holds 40% voting rights through a group of special Class B shares. Ford’s current President and CEO is Mark Fields while William C. Ford, Jr. stands as Executive Chairman.

How to Submit a Rebate Claim with Ford

You can submit your rebate claims online by following these steps:

  • Visit the Ford Owner Service Coupons and Rebates page by using the link provided below.
  • On the right side of the page, click on the button that says “Click to Get Started.”
  • Start filling out the form below the heading that says “Get started.” Start by indicating the date of service. Just choose the corresponding month, day, and year on the calendar that would pop up once you click on the space.
  • Type in your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. This information can be found on your vehicle’s title and registration and on your car’s insurance documents and finance statement. You can also check your VIN on the vehicle’s driver’s side, just between your dashboard and your windshield. You can click on the question mark on the right side of the space provided to see a picture of where this can be found on your car.
  • Provide the details of the dealer that performed the service you are claiming a rebate for. You may type in either the location or the name of the dealer by using the spaces provided.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Follow the succeeding steps until you receive a confirmation that your rebate has been filed.
  • Check your email every so often to check for updates on your rebate. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for the entire process to be completed.

Helpful Information

Ford Owner Service Coupons & Rebates Page –

Official Ford website –

Ford Hotline – (800) 392 3673