My Home Depot Account

You can shop at Home Depot using your very own My Home Depot online account. You can create your account through the Home Depot Credit Centre.

About Home Depot

Home Depot is the world’s largest chain of home improvement retailer stores found all over North America and other countries. It was founded in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia.

How to Create Your Own My Home Depot Account

You can create your own My Home Depot account by following these steps:

  • Visit the Home Depot registration page by following the link provided below.
  • Start filling out the account registration form. Each of the fields will be marked by a green check mark at the right side if the information you have typed in is valid. If not, a red cross will appear after the field, and an exclamation point and note will show up over the field to explain what you did wrong.
  • Start by typing in your first and last names on the spaces provided.
  • Type in your zip code.
  • Enter your email address on the space provided.
  • Create a password that you will be using to log into your Home Depot account. Make sure that your password has at least 8 characters which can include letters, numbers, and special characters. A gauge will show if your password is strong enough to keep your account secure.
  • Confirm your password by typing it in again on the space provided.
  • If you are a professional contractor, tradesman or remodeler, check the box beside the statement that says so.
  • Click on the button that says “Register.”
  • A list will show up in a new window. Toggle the switches on and off to let Home Depot know what kind of information you would like to receive through your email.
  • Click on the button that says “Complete Registration.”
  • Your account has now been created. You will now be led to your online account page with your profile automatically signed in.

Helpful Information

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