Return a Purchased Item You Don’t like to

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping websites in the world. The company ships out millions of orders per day. Customers from Amazon who do not like what they have ordered and wish to return their items can do so based on the Amazon Returns policy.

This policy allows for the return of most new or unopened products bought from the company. Under the returns policy, all items are eligible for returns 30 days after the date of delivery and will be subject to a full refund from the company. They also accept replacements and exchanges for products returned.

About Amazon

Amazon, also known as, is an electronic ecommerce company in the US with its headquarters in Seattle, WA. To date, it is the largest internet-based seller in the US and one of the largest in the world. It had its beginning as an online store selling mainly books but soon expanded and diversified their offerings with VHS, DVDs, MP3, video streaming/downloads, video games, electronics, food, toys, jewellery, apparel, video games, and furniture. also produces its own line of consumer electronics such as the Kindle e-book reader, Fire TV, Fire Phone, and Fire Tablets. They also sell cloud computing devices.

The company was first known as “cadabra” and was founded by Jeff Bezos in July 5, 1994. It went online in 1995 under the name instead of The reason for the name change is that they thought that “cadabra” sounded too similar to “cadaver.” To date, has separate retail websites for countries such as the UK, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, and Brazil. They are hoping to expand to Southeast Asia in the near future.

How to Return Items in

Below are the steps that need to be followed to return items to You will need an account to return items you bought.

  • Open browser and go to the first link below.
  • Once the page loads, click the “return items” link.
  • You will be taken to the sign in page.
  • Key in your account details and click on “sign-in.”
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • Those who do not have an account can create one by clicking on the “I am a new customer” button on the sign-in page.

Helpful Links Returns Page – Help Page link – Hotline – 1-866-216-1072