Top 5 Free Password Managers

With the advent of the computer age, everyone is now connected in ways unheard of before the modern era. Unfortunately, people are also vulnerable in strange new ways. One of the primary new threats to individuals is hacking. With a few strokes on the keyboard, a hacker can get into your email, your social media, and even your bank account. Good passwords can help keep your accounts safe, but unfortunately, strong and unique passwords can be hard to come by.

This is where password managers come in.

Password managers are secure programs that can keep track of all your passwords so you don’t have to. Many of these apps are designed to work on a Mac, Android, Iphone, or anything in between. They can also help you create passwords that are as strong and unique as possible. But the best part is that most of these password managers are completely free. If you are looking to keep your computer safe, you will probably want to download one of these five free password managers.



Dashlane for ourgeeks

Dashlane advertises their password manager as “perfected”. Well, they aren’t far wrong. Dashlane uses an AES-256 encryption software to protect both your normal passwords and the master password you use to access Dashlane. This means that no one except you knows what your passwords are. There isn’t even a record of your master password; the whole thing is encrypted so that only you can access it.

Dashlane also comes with several other highly useful features. It automatically logs you into any site you go to. It will also generate highly secure passwords for you and notify you immediately if any of your passwords are breached. It also comes with secure password sharing and fully functioning mobile apps. While no program is truly perfect, Dashlane comes pretty close. Learn More


Log Me Once

Log Me Once has won numerous awards for its highly secure and adaptable program. As well it should. Log me once is recognized for being fully supported on Mac, Android, PC, Iphone, and Ipad. It is also impressively secure, allowing you to snap a photo of the person trying to hack you. It also come with military grade security and is used by several government agencies to keep their passwords secure. Like Dashlane, only you will ever have access to your passwords and master password.

With its military grade security and easy access across multiple platforms, Log Me Once is a great password manager to have. Learn More



LastPass lives up to its name, since it really is the last password you will need to remember. Like the other password managers we have mentioned so far, LastPass uses one, strong master password to encrypt all of your passwords in a way that only you can access. This makes for a highly secure vault that you, and only you, can access.

Lastpass stands out with its automatic login feature, easy management of passwords, and scalability. If you are logged into LastPass, the system will automatically log you into any site you visit, saving a lot of time and mental space. It also allows you to organize all of your passwords into files, making it easy to keep track of all the sites you have passwords for. While it is free to download, paid premium versions allow you to securely share your passwords with anyone you want. This feature is especially useful for families and businesses with multiple computers and passwords.

If you are looking for a secure way to share passwords with your family or business, Lastpass is one of the best ways to go. Learn More


So what do you think? Are you going to download one of these password managers? If you aren’t happy with any of the password managers listed above, check out pcmag’s list of the ten best password managers.