Update Your USPS Change Of Address Order Online

The United States Postal Service (USPS) allows their customers to view, update, and cancel their Change of Address requests online regardless of whether it was submitted at a Post Office™ or through the Internet. This can be done by providing the new zip code and a confirmation code that can be found through the confirmation email or the printed change of address confirmation. This online service is not limited to Change of Address orders. It can also be used for changing the mail forwarding start date and end date, changing the phone number for the listed address, changing a temporary move status to a permanent one, and adding an email address for reminders and mail forwarding notices. However, the account may not be used to change the account holder’s name and certain elements of the address. To change these, the previous order must be cancelled, and a new one must be filed.

About United States Postal Service (USPS)

USPS was established in 1175 with Benjamin Franklin as the first postmaster. The company has since grown and evolved with the United States adapting to better technologies and new processes to serve the USA’s growing population.

USPS has the most advanced technologies in collecting, transporting, processing, and delivering mail all over the country. It uses an optical character recognition technology to read a large percentage of hand-addressed and machine-printed mail. It also sorts mail using more than 8,500 processing equipment. Aside from these, the company utilizes technologies like The Delivery Barcode Sorter (DBCS) and The Advanced Facer Canceller System (AFCS) which read letter barcodes and cancel stamps respectively. There are so many other innovations in the mail delivery system that have been pioneered by USPS.

How to Update a USPS Change of Address Order Online

Before getting started, you need the ZIP code of your new address and the confirmation code in your email or printed confirmation.

  • Access the Manage My Move page using the first link in the Helpful Information below.
  • Provide the 5-digit  ZIP code of your new address and the confirmation code in your confirmation letter, and then click “Submit.”
  • Upon signing in, you can update limited elements of your new address, change your phone number, and work on other updates as needed.

Helpful Information

USPS Manage My Move Website – managemymove.usps.com/coac/coacorrect-main-flow.do?execution=e1s1

USPS Home – www.usps.com