How To Create A Wesbite For Free At

Making a website is a piece of cake for those who know web development, but for those of us who are oblivious to this mystic art, making a website can be a big hassle, and if we want to reach out to our audience through the internet we have to pay a heavy amount to web developers to have a custom website made for us. And not everyone has that kind of money or the expertise to get a website made. Luckily there are several online services that can help you create a simple yet effective website and host it for free. is one of such site where you can easily go and create a website for absolutely no cost at all.


What sets apart from other free website making sites is that it offers its users extreme flexibility in choosing the color scheme, widgets, tabs and pages. The website can be integrated with social media and these are just few of its wide range of qualities that have helped top the list of free website development.

Step-By-Step Guide to making a website with


  1. Access to the internet.

  2. A computer or a laptop.

Step-By-Step Guidelines:

  1. Type in your web browser’s address bar and press enter.

  2. Click on the button which says “Get started”

  3. To create a website you first need to have a registered account with If you have an account proceed to step 6.

  4. Register for an account by clicking sign-up.

  5. Enter your e-mail address and other required personal details in the given fields.

  6. Click the button which says “create my website”

  7. Select the widgets and gadgets which suit your needs and select the theme from the available options.

  8. Place the widgets wherever you want them.

  9. Make the pages that you want on your website and enter the text you want to display on them.

  10. Complete the website development and deploy it.

  11. Now you have your very own website, ready for the world to see.

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