Merrill Lynch Benefits – Online Login

Merrill Lynch’s retirement and benefits services can be accessed and managed online from their secure website once you have a user ID.  Only the account holders can access the confidential data learn about latest investment opportunities and policies issued by the company. You can create different types of account on the basis of your investment categories.

For more assistance you should rely on the instructions given in their website. You can create more than one user ID depending on your investment portfolio and once you login you will be taken to a page that features all your investments allocated on the basis of currencies and bullions. Through your account you can also access the latest information and news.

How to register to Merrill Lynch Benefits Online

  • In order to obtain a Merrill Lynch Benefits Online Login, you need to register through their official website:
  • Click on the option, ‘Create User ID’ which will take you to the beginning of your registration where you will be required to enter in your social security number.
  • Click on continue and you will be entering the next step. Enter your ZIP code, city and date of birth to continue with the registration.

If you have already registered you can login here. 

About Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is a division or department of Bank of America. It is the largest brokerage in the entire world. This division originated from Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. Bank of America acquired this publicly owned company in the year 2008. The acquisition which began on September 14, 2008 concluded in January 2009. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management handles a wide range of investment plans. The division mainly deals with long term investments like mutual funds. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management has also introduced Benefits Online which is a special online investment scheme that focuses on retirement benefits.  In order to learn more about the plan you can register with their website. With your benefits online account you will be able to understand the benefits of joining their retirement plan.