Search for Black Singles Online at is an platform where black singles can meet online and mingle with other singles who are interested in dating. Set up by People Media, this dating site is for black single people only as the name suggests and is one of the biggest online dating sites.  Visitors of this website can sign up for free and start searching for black singles that may be interested on going on a date.

By simply joining, you will be in a position to search and meet single black people who are ready to start dating. This is a quick way to connect with black partners in your locality. The good thing about this is that joining is quick, simple and absolutely free.

How to Use the Services of and Search for Black Singles

You will need

  • A computer system that has internet connection
  • You need to be 18 years old or above, single or separated.
  • An active email address will be required


  1. Access the website through You will arrive at the homepage of this website. Click on “Search Now” to begin signing up and searching.
  2. The website will begin asking a little about you such as the kind of people you are interested in. Fill in the answers depending on your choice. This information will be used to design your profile on the website
  3. The questions will also ask you about your city and state. You will also have to enter a username and password.
  4. Proceed to finalize the joining process and from there you can start searching for a matching partner

People Media Explained

This company is based in the United States and it assists people to connect and start dating. It is the owner of and was founded in 2002. Its services are well researched to focus on particular demographic groups of people. People Media has a number of dating websites, including Some of the other sites are, and