Discounted Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Today is the era of speech recognition. IPhones are making waves with the speech recognition software inbuilt to carry out voice commands. Indeed, it is more than a stylish factor any more. It helps people to overcome the burden of having to type incessantly and for those who are unable to type proficiently on the keyboard. Again, there are many devices with touch screen capabilities that make it difficult to type fast on such screen. For such devices, the speech recognition software comes of use. However, not all speech recognition software works well and many people land up getting duped in such purchase. It is necessary to find a reliable brand that will provide speech recognition software that can turn speech into text with ease.

About Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon is a suite of offerings from Nuance which specializes in speech recognition software in different package deals. It has a reputation worldwide as one of the leading software solutions for home use in this category. Talk is turned into text and that can make any computer task easier to implement. Documents can be created easily, ideas captured and so forth with the use of voice command. The home edition which comes for a price of hundred dollars includes all such functions and much more. If you wish to opt for a cheaper package, you could buy the headset package where you need to provide audio inputs through a set of headphones. There is a password manager suite included which allows you to store all usernames and passwords in one secure location along with other personal information that can be subjected to identity theft.

Process To Choose A Discounted Dragon Speech Recognition Software

If you wish to choose discounted speech recognition software, you need to follow the process described below:

  • You need to have access to the internet to make this online purchase
  • Have your credit card information ready to make a secure online purchase
  • Log onto the official site of Dragon speech recognition software as mentioned below
  • You will find a number of discounted offerings mentioned on this page
  • Choose a package as per your preference
  • The shopping cart will open up in the next page
  • Confirm your shopping and proceed to checkout
  • Make the payment with the payment option of your choice and get set to receive the software suite delivered shortly to you

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