www.NCSECU.org – State Employees’ Credit Union Login

The NCSECU or the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union has provided its members with a better and faster way to access a myriad of services that can help with their financial needs. They provide members with a host of financial services but their online accounts also allow their members to see all sorts of loans and financial advances available.

By logging in to their accounts, members can check their accounts summary, move money to different accounts, pay bills, and message NCSECU privately via a secure message feature. Members may also use their accounts to apply for loans, order deposit slips and gift cards, and utilize the special Tax centre, just to name a few.

About the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union (NCSECU)

The NCSECU is a state-chartered not-for-profit credit union that has headquarters in Raleigh, NC.  It was founded to help improve the lives of its members and also to improve community conditions. It runs on the people helping people principle and members can gain access to a whole host of financial services and loans. One thing to remember is that the union is exclusively for people who work for the state of North Carolina and their families.

The NCSECU was founded way back in the year 1937 and it is known for offering loans and advances to members with special rates. When it first opened, the union had a mere $437 in assets and just 17 members. However, the union has grown and now counts $26.5 billion in assets and has 1.8 billion members as of last year.  Another big improvement is the location; their first location was at the Agricultural Building on Raleigh but now they have their own building.

How to Login to Your NCSECU Account

NCSECU had convenience in mind when they designed their online portal. When members need to login to their accounts, all they need to do is go to https://www.ncsecu.org/. On the left panel, there are spaces where they need to key in their user name or password. Some members choose to use their email addresses while some choose to use a nickname for their accounts.

For members who do not want to type in their details each and every time they login, they can check the “Remember Me” button before they click on the “Sign-on” button.

Helpful Info and Links

NCSECU Customer Service Contact Number: (888)732-8562 or (919) 857-2150

NCSECU Address: PO Box 29606, Raleigh, NC 27626-0606