OptumRX.com Pharmacy Login

Once you register and login to OptumRX.com you can browse medical supplies, view health information, view the drug recalls, FDA alerts and view Optum clinical management plans. Your access will be limited until you register as a member which we will show you how to do below. As a member of the OptumRX prescription solutions you will be able to order and manage your prescription drugs online, order refills, sign up for text message reminders and view your status of your claims. Creating an online account OptumRX.com will only take a few minutes.

About OptumRX

OptumRX is one of the largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) and it is based in the United States. The pharmacy is part of the Optum health services company. Optum has a system that offers great services to their customers including;

  • Helping individuals and their families to make informed health decisions
  • Providing cost effective services to their customers
  • Creating solutions that promote the health care system
  • Helping the doctors to make informed treatment solutions

Through the OptumRX, the health care company is able to provide pharmacy services to their clients. OptumRX providesa full spectrum of the Phamarcutical services which include; medical and disease management and pharmacy

Having over 20 years in operation, the OptumRX have developed more great services that are geared to promote optimal health. They have a specialty pharmacy that provides services like oncology and transplants. They also have the clinical programmes that are designed to address the care components of the many health centers. They help in delivering quality health care by synchronizing medical, pharmacy and clinical data. This supports member health awareness and behavior which makes it easy for the OptumRX to apply their resources in managing the conditions.

Over the years OptumRX  have excelled in developing innovative and integrated health service tools and strategies that are geared to promote and manage pharmacy trends. Some of the tools that have been developed include the Value Pharmacy Network and the OptumRX Value Optimizer prescription Drug list. The OptumRX also provide the mail order service that makes it easy for to receive your prescription drugs.

OptumRx Registration

Go to the Optum registration page here and then proceed to fill in the registration from which requires your contact details, address, preferred username, preferred password and 3 security questions. You will also be required to give your  OptumRx member ID which can be found on your paperwork. If you are a caregiver you will not have a member ID so need to click the ‘Caregiver’ link to open up a registration form specifically for you.

OptumRx Login

in order to login to the OptumRX.com client portal go to this OptumRX Login page  and once the log in page opens, enter your username and your password before clicking the Sign In button.

Useful Info for Pharmacy Benefit Members (Customers)

Mailing address for order forms: PO Box 509075, San Diego, CA 92150-9075

Customer Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Customer Service, Mail Service Pharmacy: 1.800.562.6223
TDHI: 1.800.498.5428

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Members (PDP): 1-877-889-5802
TDHI: 1.866.394.7218

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan Members (MAPD): 1-877-889-6358
TDHI: 1.800.498.5428

Customer Service for Specialty Pharmacy, including injectable medications: 1.866.218.5445
TDHI: 1.800.498.5428