Order Personal Checks At Harland Clark

Gone are the days when you had to go to the bank physically in order to order a personal check. Obviously, the internet has changed all that and we can order personal checks online from most companies including Harland Clarke whose website allows you to order personal checks online at any time. All you are required to do is register on their website, login and specify that you want to order for a personal check.

About Harland Clarke

Harland Clarke is a corporation that offers financial solutions, marketing services and retail products to investment firms, business to business clients, individual customers, small, medium and large business and industries. Their products and services are diverse to carter for their diverse customer base.

This is a financial corporation that was started as a merge-up between two great companies founded by Joe Harland and Robert Clarke. Robert Clarke in 1874 use to have a retail shop where together with Samuel Maverick sold office and stationery supplies. The duo opened their first branch store in 1937, this was the same year that Joe Harland begun operating its check printing operation. The Joe Harland printing business was started back in 1923. He used to do general printing and selling office supplies. Harland business grew rapidly after the Second World War that the company opened its first branch.

Robert Clarke decided to open a printing business so as to cater for the needs of his customers. So in 1949, Maverick-Clarke printing company was started to handle printing. The company experienced a lot of success in the years that followed. However in 1963, Clarke printing operation went solo, separating from Maverick-Clarke. The Clarke printing company and the Harland printing company become so successful both of the companies doubling in sales. In 2005, M&F worldwide bought the Clarke American and in 2007 they bought the Harland Company. Later that year they joined the two companies. They changed the name to Harland Clarke to represent the two companies and to offer more great services and financial solutions.

How To Order Personal Check From Harland Clark

The process is simple and fast and just involves going to www.ordermychecks.com and entering in your Routing and Transit number (this is the 9 digit number located in the bottom left corner of your check indicated by a 1 in the image below) followed by your account number (which can be found  just after the routing number or to the right of the check sequence number which is indicated by a 2 in the image below. Do not type the spaces in your account number).



If your name or address has changed please call 1-800-275-1053 before placing your order.