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Aside from online payroll details and secure 24/7 access to salary information, ADP provides W2 and W4 forms on the iPay website. W2 form is the form that the company gives to its employees and must send to the IRS at its given deadline. It states an employee’s yearly earnings and the amount of income taxes from his/her pay check. On the other hand, W4 is an IRS form that the employee completes to let the company know the amount of money to withhold from his/her pay check for income taxes. With ADP, you can print said forms and earning statements at your convenience.

About ADP

Known as an international provider of structured processing and business outsourcing, ADP is currently graded by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) and Moody’s an AA credit rating. Founded in 1949 in Paterson, New Jersey, ADP, LLC, formerly Automatic Data Processing, Inc., it went public in 1960s with 300 customers. Presided over by Carlos Rodriguez and chaired by Leslie A. Brun, ADP’s declared 2012 revenue is $10.66 billion. Currently, ADP is employing over 60,000 workers.

How to Register for ADP Services Online

There’s no special software or hardware needed to set up an ADP account. All that is required is the Registration Pass Code given by your company or ADP.

  • Go to the ADP portal using the first link below to begin your registration.
  • Click the “First Time Users Register Here” link. It will direct you to a secure page where you’d be asked to enter your Registration Pass Code. Note that your company may also refer to this code as the Company Pass Code. Personal ID Code is another name for this.
  • Enter your Registration Pass Code. Click “Go.”
  • Fill in all the necessary personal information needed like your complete name, contact details, and security information. Check for accuracy, and then click “Next.”
  • Create your preferred user ID and password. Click “Submit.”

After successfully creating an account with ADP, you can now enjoy a variety of services such as human resources, tax and compliance solutions, payroll services, administration benefits, and even mobile solutions. With your account, you can add any available products on your own. Just remember to save your updates to avoid confusion or issues when you access your account again.

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